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3 Ways Ayurveda Influences the Save Me From Mission

Millions of people across the globe practice Ayurveda’s ancient rituals. In India, most citizens practice Ayurveda either exclusively, or coupled with western medicine. Many assume that Ayurveda is a medicinal practice. In reality, it is a way of life that promotes balance, health, and peace.

In an attempt to explain Ayurveda concisely, keep in mind that its tradition is extensive and complex. Therefore, the purpose of this article is explore the basics of this ancient practice. Just know that Ayurveda’s basic principles have inspired Save Me From’s choices and philosophies in many important ways.


Nitty Gritty

Sanskrit for “Knowledge” or “Science” (vedic) of “Life” (ayur), Ayurveda involves a personalized approach to wellness as well as a standard of personal care. To start, your current state of wellness is assessed from a practitioner. He or she interviews you about your physical, mental, and emotional choices. Then, they inspect parts of your body including hair and skin. When your assessment is done, the practitioner will make recommendations for lifestyle and dietary changes, exercises, and massage therapies.

The practice of Ayurveda is so ancient it had to be passed from generation to generation by word of mouth for more than 3,000 years. As written texts became more common 2,000 years ago, three main books still stand as the standard today, which guides the practice.

What we love about Ayurveda

While we don’t follow Ayurveda to perfection, its principles are inspiration for our core principles.

ayurvedic medicine


We believe that wellness involves a holistic approach. When you truly care about your wellbeing, you don’t see every part of yourself as exclusive of one another. You take care to not only recover appropriately, but to make better decisions to avoid injury and illness in the future. Your eating, sleeping, working, playing, and everything are taken into account to improve your life.

Ayurveda has similar beliefs about overall wellness– that each piece of your life needs to be considered and addressed, even the things that seem so small. Ayurveda emphasizes a healthy lifestyle as opposed to the “band-aid” fixes to our problems.


The ultimate goal in Ayurveda is balance. The balance between your person, your relationships, your universe, and anything that you influence or influences you. At Save Me From, we value all facets of balance in your life, as well. In this ancient practice, the idea is that all things are connected and affect one another. We want you to feel that joy and peace that balance can bring into your being and we are here to help you with your wellness needs and desires. Not only that, but Save Me From is dedicated to your overall health.

Know yourself:

One unique aspect of Ayurveda versus other types of health practices is the emphasis in learning about oneself. This attitude is incredibly empowering! Ideally, while discussing your needs with your practitioner, you are also introspective about what is being discussed. With this, you determine which choices you’re making that are greatly impacting your wellbeing. Teaching you something about yourself has easily become a priority for us.

We hope this article has inspired you to appreciate Ayurveda and its philosophies. We also hope that you can come along with us on this journey to discovering what wellness means to you, and the potential for you to become stronger, healthier, and more balanced than ever.

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