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4 Ways to Improve your Wellness Today

What is wellness?

How do we improve wellness?  With wellness growing to a $3.7 trillion economy, its no surprise we’re hearing the term wellness and seeing wellness trends more often.  The Global Wellness Institute has a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating both public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness.

What is wellness really, and how do we improve wellbeing?  By now, most of us understand the effects of smoking, drinking too much alcohol and the sun’s UV rays.  Are we improving our own wellness if we avoid these risk factors, eat a healthy diet and exercise?

We drone on with research disease prevention and lifestyle improvement, but we want to start by sharing these four quick and easy ways you can boost your wellness now.

What Wellness Is Not

Wellness isn’t a checklist of items that you go through each day, as if to tell yourself that you’ve consumed all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs or downed 8 bottles of water within a 24-hour period. Yes, taking care of your body is one element of wellness, but the pursuit of wellness should be about what you put inside your body, how you use your body, how you view your body, and many other actions or thoughts to consider.


Being Happy All. The. Time.
Wellness isn’t even about constant happiness or about feeling good all of the time. Wellness is based on balance, wholeness, and accessing your true potential. When aspiring for wellness you will have good days and bad days- though the bad days often won’t be the worst you’ve ever had and the good days will be better than you’ve ever had. When you’ve maintained your wellness and something truly sad happens you’ll be able to gain perspective and quickly move on.

For example, imagine a good friend of yours passes away- you will feel sad, possibly shocked even, but with peak wellness you’ll grieve functionally. You may find purpose in your grief by helping others. You’ll likely gain some insight during this time, such as deepening your understanding of the value and fragility of life.

Reactions to Trials Affect Overall Wellness

April Peck, founder of Save Me From, says “We may not be in control of the trials or challenges we face, but we’re always in control of how we react. By sharing strategies that improve wellbeing and solving real beauty problems with wellness-based products, I hope I can elevate positivity, encouragement, and empowerment.”

Wellness also improves the monotony of life. If you feel like you’re tired of laundry and doing dishes, your healthy wellness practices would help you see these opportunities for what they can be. Washing dishes can be a mindfulness moment, or a chance to connect with your child if you engage them in the activity with you.

Here are 4 ways that you can improve your wellness today:

Treat every moment like it has potential for something more.  April is a big believer in multitasking.  Some believe that you can never really multitask but is that really true?  Think about this: Are you in the car with your teenager while they text, and you drive? Ask them their opinion about the recent election at their school, or what they think would be a fun way to spend their summer. Listen without interrupting and respond with reflection, not judgement.

Are you waiting in the doctor’s office? Instead of looking down at your phone or magazine, use this time to meditate or reflect on your week. What were some instances when you acted poorly toward a friend and could have done better? When was a time when you felt proud of making a better choice even when it was hard?

When involved in a conversation, be sure to ask with a “HOW” question instead of a “WHY” question.  How questions offer more complete thoughts and allow the person being asked to feel empowered instead of feeling threatened.  

Log what you’ve eaten for a few days, evaluate and making changes.  While wellness isn’t about being skinny or fit necessarily, it is about knowing your body and treating it with respect. Are you frequently getting headaches or muscle spasms? This is your body telling you that you aren’t drinking enough water. Logging your foods and moods will help you see what you’ve done objectively so that you can read your body’s signals and make better decisions. We like the app from MyFitnessPal.com.

Always be learning.  This isn’t in reference to a huge task like learning a new language or how to crochet. While these aren’t bad ideas, focusing on a goal can be counterproductive when you don’t have a good process in place. Making an effort to learn something new, say, about a friend, coworker, or even a new word, are all great ways to exercise your mind and maintain a love of learning. Learning things is good, but developing the love of learning is what is going to sustain your mind over time.  Here’s 50 fun, quick and easy things you can learn right now. 

So often, we are way too hard on ourselves. Practice moments of better self-talk every day. This is a great way to develop a healthier relationship with yourself. This isn’t to say that you need to tell yourself that you’re better than someone else or that you are the best at something- these practices will backfire.

Positive self-talk
What it does mean is to tell yourself something as simple as “I am enough”or “I am lovable”. With these types of phrases, you’ll be able to feel good about who you are no matter what others say and you’ll want to treat yourself (and, consequently, others) better. We know this is easier said then done but remember what your mom used to say, “Practice makes perfect.”Here are some positive self-talk exercises you can implement into your day right now.

From our founder…
Wellness is a trend that’s here to stay and we’re excited to be part of this healthy movement.  We want all people to feel empowered and on track to a better way of life. Start with improving your health and mind.  April Peck, founder of Save Me From, says “I have always been fascinated by the human body and its countless systems working in perfect unison. I’m even more fascinated by the power of the mind. As an endurance runner, I learned early on the immense power of the mind over the body – which is quite possibly the reason why I love a good motivational quote. Helping others improve their health through effective exercise, wholesome nutrition, successful stress-balancing strategies and most importantly an optimistic outlook.”

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