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Benefits of Caffeine

Health Benefits of Caffeine (for your hair and scalp)

We all know caffeine has its benefits- and I am not just referring to your morning cup of joe to wake you up- I mean the reason why caffeine is still a major ingredient in consumer products from over the counter medications to energy drinks. Did you ever think that these benefits would be something you could apply topically? Well, welcome to a sneak peek of one of our favorite product ingredients- caffeine.


Topical caffeine works faster and stronger

Applying caffeine to your hair causes the stimulant to penetrate your skin faster and more effectively than any other way of receiving the caffeine. One hair study compared the difference between someone who applies a product with caffeine directly to their hair and scalp and someone who ingests caffeine as a way to stimulate hair growth, and guess what happened? Yep! Hair growth is significantly more effective when caffeine is applied by a shampoo or other hair product. This is because when you ingest caffeine, it has to travel through your body before it gets to your hair follicles, and then it needs to be absorbed through a much smaller area. BUT, when you apply it topically- directly onto your hair and head- the absorption area is significantly larger, and the absorption rate is unmatchable! This makes way for the rest of the benefits of caffeine to be better utilized for your hair. 

Caffeine stimulates hair growth

Because of this, many vitamin companies make a point of putting green tea and other caffeine heavy ingredients in their products. The trouble is, your body isn’t going to absorb the benefits of caffeine as well as it does in a hair product. (See why above) Okay, but it’s not just about how it penetrates your scalp- it’s about what it does to help your hair actually grow in thicker. When our hair starts to thin out, this is due to an increase in an enzyme called 5-a-reductase (yeah, a little too technical for me, too). Long story short, caffeine blocks the activity of this enzyme, and viola! Your hair growth is no longer being inhibited! Not to mention, the stimulant factor in caffeine improves blood flow in your scalp, giving your hair a healthier environment to keep growing stronger. Even 2 minutes of caffeine infused hair follicles showed that high amounts of the caffeine stayed in follicle for 48 hours even after being washed. So, if I were you, I’d put down those hair vitamins and invest in something that will really concentrate on your hair growth.

Caffeine protects your hair from UV rays

I’d say we all kind of have a love-hate relationship with UV rays, right? Our culture loves the glow of summer sun-kissed skin but hates the cancer and aging effects it causes. Plus, almost NO ONE loves an itchy scalp and hair breakage due to way too much sun. And way too much sun will cause almost irreparable cell damage to your skin. Well, caffeine effectively protects your hair and scalp from the horrible damage caused by UV rays. UV rays generate cell growth, leading to cancer and tumors. Caffeine generates a process called apoptosis, which effectively stops that cell growth. Not to mention, the sun produces free radical damage on your hair and scalp, which can only be remedied by an antioxidant such as caffeine.

The bottom line

There's a reason why your seeing caffeine either in the form of coffee or green tea in your hair and skin care products. It's quick acting properties, it helps your hair grow in thicker and stronger, and it protects your hair from daily damages. And these benefits really only scratch the surface!

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