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"Save Me From Hair & Scalp Treatments Are Blowing My Mind" & How to Perfect Your Balayage

Our products are blowing up the salon scene! Hairdressers are more interested in teaching their clients how to enjoy healthy AND beautiful hair, so they are turning to SAVE ME FROM to get give their clients what they need! 

Here you see David McCarthey at Twiggs Salon using SAVE ME FROM Chemical Conflict with a balayage on his beautiful client! See how you can use SAVE ME FROM in your hair dye and bleach as a way to repair broken bonds and protect your hair from chemical damage!



In this next video, you will see Deepika at MakeupMagique creating a beautiful holiday look (but we think it can work for anytime) with her makeup tutorial and how she uses our Reboots as both an overnight AND a leave in to get a beautiful look!



And in case you haven't seen it, Diane Mary over at Curly Wavy Diane says our Reboots are blowing her mind! See how she uses our SAVE ME FROM hair products for her very curly hair!