Cruelty Free, Clean + Conscious Hair Care - SAVE ME FROM

Cruelty Free, Clean + Conscious Hair Care

Cruelty Free Hair Care

Leaping Bunny certified and featured on @leapingbunnyprogram itself. Proud to be #crueltyfree.

🗞The Bunny Brief: Save Me From🗞
It’s time for this week’s Bunny Brief, in which we profile one of our Leaping Bunny Certified companies here in Q&A format so you can learn about new brands and discover fun facts about your favorites! This week’s featured company is Save Me From.
🐰Describe your brand in 3 words:
🗣 Clean, Luxurious, Clinically-Proven
🐰What’s your brand’s #1 go-to product and why?
🗣Save Me From Thermal Obsession is the go to for our stylists and customers. This hair repair treatment with built in scalp serum doubles as a heat protectant. It's clinically proven to quench dry hair and increase hydration up to 201% and helps to reduce split ends up to 91%. 

Thermal Obsession
🐰How did you come up with the name of your brand?
🗣My team and I sat around the round table and discussed possible brand names for a new hair care brand that would be dedicated to raising awareness for suicide prevention and saving your hair from specific sources of damage. We wanted to make it clear, if you heat your hair a lot, you need Thermal Obsession, if you're coloring or bleaching your hair, you need Chemical Conflict. The name "Save Me From" conveys both our missions to save hair from damage and save lives. #savehairsavelives
🐰What’s something people don’t know about your brand?
🗣Most hair care brands use perception tests such as "x% of users saw..." Since my background was first in skin care, I wanted to prove hair care could do better. Save Me From clinically proves our results with instrument tests so we not only know that our customers are going to see results, we know just how much they can expect their hair's condition to improve. We're clean and clinical!
🐰Favorite thing about being Leaping Bunny certified is:
🗣I love that the Leaping Bunny is making a difference in pushing the beauty industry to be cruelty free. The Leaping Bunny not only asks us to to commit to being cruelty free - but that we require everyone from our supply chain to our distributors to be cruelty free too. It's changing the industry and making a difference.  

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