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Detox + Purify your Hair At Home with Save Me From Scalp Detox Treatment

Why Your Hair Needs A detox

How often do you need to clean your hair?

Most of us go a few days without washing our hair. This can be out of environmental consciousness to reduce water consumption (go you!) or to prevent your new color from fading, or simply the daily struggle to find time (I have a toddler, enough said).  Between sweating from cycling and Pilates, using a can of dry shampoo to maintain your blow out on Day 4, and exposure to smog and air pollution, your scalp is constantly on the defense. There is nothing wrong with forgoing daily hair washing but it is important to do a deep scalp detox and hair cleanse every so often. There is truth behind your scalp “getting used” to a shampoo resulting in the need to change your shampoo or routine. Some shampoos don’t work on certain hair soil and your shampoo can become less effective over time.[1] That’s when a deep cleansing treatment such as clarifying mask comes into play. Heaven forbid we forget to wash off our makeup at night, but how often do we detox, clarify, and purify our scalp? Most of us don’t treat our scalp as well as our face but current research findings might just scare you straight.

What is Scalp Buildup?

detox scalp and hair from too much product product buildup woman with hands in hair to show hair and scalp product buildup save me from product overload detoxifies hair from too much product

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Scalp buildup is a valid concern that not only impacts the appearance and texture of hair but also its growth. So what is scalp buildup? Scalp buildup is the accumulation of a variety of substances on your scalp that can reduce scalp and hair health. These substances include excess sebum, particulate matter from pollution, dead skin cells, and residue from hair products. Your scalp is viable tissue like your skin and undergoes similar biological processes such as desquamation, cell turnover, sebum production, and maintenance of its microbiome. Imbalances in these biological processes can lead to scalp buildup and negatively affect the health of your scalp and growth of your hair. Excess dead skin cells from desquamation can lead to flaking or clogged follicles while excess sebum can lead to irritation and inflammation. Microbes in your scalp microbiome, particularly Malassezia, break down the sebaceous triglycerides into free fatty acids that irritate the scalp and lead to inflammation.[2] Not only can it make your scalp as uncomfortable as Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes monologue, inflammation damages the scalp and can impact the growth of your hair. Particulate matter from pollution such as smoke, urban dust, and phototoxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) cling to hair and can degrade the hair structure as well as cause oxidative damage to hair follicles. This can lead to hair loss and reduced hair growth.[3],[4]

Product Buildup

woman holding hair spray with dark hair and red lipstick save me from product overload detox hair and scalp from too much product or product buildup due to dry shampoo hair spray and other products

In addition to environmental aggressors and biological imbalances, some of the scalp buildup is self-inflicted from our use of hair products. Many styling products, such as pomades, hairsprays, and hair waxes leave behind residue after washing which builds over time. This buildup weighs hair down and can clog hair follicles. Water insoluble ingredients like waxes and silicones stay behind after rinsing while polyquats are cationic and very substantive, sticking to the hair despite their water-soluble nature. With the amount of pomade and hairspray needed to achieve the 60’s volume look, a forecasted 2020 hairstyle trend, you may want to consider adding a buildup banishing hair mask to your routine.[5] There are numerous culprits of scalp buildup but the outcome is the same: decreased hair shine, loss of hair volume, irritated and flaky scalp, greasy and stringy hair, and in extreme cases hair loss and Sensitive Scalp Syndrome.[6]

Product Overload At Home Scalp Detox Mask

We created Product Overload, a buildup banishing, detox pre-shampoo mask to address these issues all while replenishing hair moisture instead of stripping. It is so revolutionary it was voted as a finalist for Best Hair Product by Cosmoprof North America. Our clinical results show hair is 108.5% more hydrated, 48.2% stronger, has 84.78% less split ends, and 59% more shine. Our warming pre-poo mask can also be used as a hair texturizer, making hair 138% thicker. Let’s peek behind the curtain and see what makes this product work.

Brazilian Black Clay

Our technology centers on our sustainably produced Brazilian black clay, rich in titanium and other trace elements, to purify and detox the scalp without dehydrating your luscious locks. The black color is due to the natural minerals and oligoelements within. The Brazilian black clay removes excess oil, dead skin cells, and impurities on the scalp through capillary action, the same way paper towels work. We also added European bioactive silt and peat to enhance the purifying process. By reducing excess sebum there is less lipid oxidation by microbes in the scalp’s microbiome and therefore less scalp irritation and inflammation. Our technology far surpasses the drying, chalky clay masks your mom used in her nightly face regimen. Our black clay clinically reverses damage caused by chemical treatments and thermal stress by promoting hair softness and hydration, reducing hair breakage, and reducing scalp flaking.

black clay charcoal black kaolin ingredients in save me from product overload to detox hair from too much product and product buildup hair products to help with flakiness and thinning hair

Activated Charcoal

We used two types of activated charcoal, black charcoal derived from bamboo and Binchōtan white charcoal derived from ubame oak, to remove impurities and product buildup. It has numerous micro pores that act as a magnet drawing out impurities, targeting particulate matter from pollution, and absorbing odor to clarify hair and scalp without disrupting the hair fiber.

Multi-Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is not only beneficial to the skin but provides numerous hair benefits. To preserve hair softness and hydration we used a ratio of high and low molecular weight vegan Hyaluronic Acids to create a moisture barrier. These Hyaluronic acids create a sheath over each hair strand to increase hair volume while reducing frizz, shield from particulate matter, and flatten and smooth the hair cuticle for suppleness and shine. Hair is better able to resist thermal and mechanical stress while maintaining hydration.

It is worth noting that the Vanillyl butyl ether in our mask not only provides a warming sensation but enhances detoxification and aids in delivery of nutrients to hair follicles through increased microcirculation.

Curious how others have used Product Overload? Read how curly hair expert, Diane Mary, likes to use Product Overload. Watch it here: 


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[1] Thompson et al(1985) JSCC 36 271-286