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Embrace Empowerment

When we hear the word empowerment, the part that pops most is POWER. Empowerment is defined as “authority or power given to someone to do something” or “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”.  Accomplishing educational goals might empower today’s teens. Whereas, Millennials or GenXers may feel empowered from fulfilling their career or parenting roles.  Empowerment comes from having the freedom to make your own choices and accomplishing your goals, whether in work, parenting or play.

Everyone in the world should feel empowerment over their own lives.

When life throws us curve balls, we don’t always feel in control.  Even in times of instability, we should seek behaviors that progress our empowerment.  Just like knowledge, empowerment can grow or stagnate.  Empowerment is a feeling you must work at, to exercise. Empowerment is an important topic for SAVE ME FROMbecause our goal is to empower all people in their daily lives.  By doing this, the world becomes a healthier, happier, more beautiful place.  If empowerment was summarized into three main beliefs, what would they be?

These are our thoughts on how we can promote empowerment for all.

The 3 Tenants of Empowerment


First, we are all different. Based upon our experiences, we all see life a little differently. Rather than mold all differences into one ideal, we should celebrate them. Even with all our differences, we should treat all people equally and provide equal opportunities. Specifically, all deserve equal treatment when seeking similar opportunities.

Second,  its important to note the distinction for those who seek it. All hardworking individuals who seek progression deserve equal treatment. With equality, we are all treated with equal respect. However, if you don’t seek progression and work hard to develop traits to progress, you should not expect to be awarded.


For all people to feel empowerment in their lives, we must all stand together.  Our goal and actions should be to lift each other up. With a goal of lifting a nation, we must work harder to recognize positivity, rather focus on negativity. Constructive criticism can be good but when its offered with good intentions. When abundant criticism is offered without recognizing progress or offered with the aim to tear someone down, we should reconsider our approach and intentions.together, teamwork

(+ Service)

A great deal of power can be felt when helping another, whether its merely offering words of encouragement, becoming a mentor or demonstrating a heroic act of courage.

Do you remember feeling empowered as you helped your classmate through a difficult math problem or as you saved the fallen chick from its nest? Every day we are offered opportunities to choose kindness. We agree with Aesop when he said: “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”

Likewise, there will be times when you feel you do not need help or you do not want help.

The act of receiving help is not only a way of empowering yourself but also allows you to empower another.

Simultaneously, we must make a distinction between fault and responsibility.  We all are faced with challenges. Many of which caused by no fault of our own, and some severely more challenging and unfair than another.  Even when a specific challenge or trauma is not our fault, we are always responsible for how we respond.  Our responsibility lies in how we perceive the challenge and deal with the pain. Then we must forge forward with a purpose in assisting others who will go through similar challenges.

The world can have many faults, but your life and your thoughts are your responsibility. Choose not to blame others. Instead recognize your power to change the outcome. In the process, you’re lifting everyone up and setting an example. It requires sacrifice, but overall the sacrifice will seem small compared to the immensely positive outcome.


We all can help others discover their talents and reach their full potential.  We can encourage others to continue to work toward their dreams one step at a time. Believe that any person, any age, can do anything they put their mind and willpower to.  Celebrating someone’s hard work will bring forward more hard work and success. Through hard work and a positive self image we can continue to improve ourselves, and the world.


Happiness and confidence are two terms that frequently go hand and hand.  People strive for the confidence to live in a way that makes them happy.

But what is happiness?

It’s important to note that happiness has a different meaning to each of us.  What make me happy can be very different than what makes you happy.  I love to run, love being in the sun and spending time with my family.  Sometimes the things that can make us happy can conflict with what makes other people happy.  When we strive to live in ways that make us happy, we should mindful that its not at the expense or burden of someone else’s happiness.

More Empowerment = Better Quality of Life

To improve quality of life we need to work at helping all people feel empowered.  We can empower all people with equality, solidarity and encouraging confidence. Treat all people equally, pledge to lift up others, and encourage hard work. This will lead others to their full potential and empower the community wholly.


Since SAVE ME FROM is a personal care brand, we must touch on empowerment and beauty.  Empowerment doesn’t come from being beautiful but from being comfortable and confident with who we are.

What is beauty anyway?

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, genders and colors.  What is beautiful is always in the eye of the beholder.  Beauty is seen on the inside and out.  We all possess, perceive and convey beauty in our own way. Hair is one of our utmost sources of self expression and it can significantly affect our self image.  When we feel good about ourselves, it helps us focus more on our own goals rather than others’ perceptions of us.  It’s our hope that we can provide the powerful empowerment tools rather than feel distracted by negative, unfulfilling things.

Since we believe acts of kindness that lift another is one of the basic tenants of helping the world achieve empowerment, tell us one thing you did for another that consequently helped you feel empowered.

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