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How does SAVE ME FROM Pollution Assault Work?

Like everyone this time of year, I’m trying to stick with my New Year’s Resolutions which include eating a little better, exercising regularly, and finding time for self-care. I find the best way to stick with my goals is to get into a routine. One staunch part of my routine includes indulging in my favorite blend of vitamin C, vitamin B, coQ10, rice protein, microalgae, MCT, artichoke, fenugreek, chia seed, and green tea to fight oxidative stress. This superfood, antioxidant rich, vitamin packed blend is not in my nutribullet but in a beautiful package in my shower.

pollution assault texture and color made from henna and mica blue hair care product to fix hair damage. How do I get shinier hair?

What is oxidative stress

Oxidative stress, caused by radical oxidative species (ROS), has a leading role in the aging process as it causes the deterioration of lipids, proteins, and DNA.[1] Free radicals not only negatively impact your health but the structure and health of your skin, hair, and scalp.[2] Oxidative stress is a result of rampant free radicals that steal electrons from surrounding atoms in an effort to reach a minimum energy state. This creates a cascading effect as the atoms that lost an electron want to steal an electron from other nearby atoms perpetuating the formation of free radicals. Solar exposure and pollution are the two main causes of hair-related oxidative stress with pollution encompassing phototoxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), cigarette smoke, heavy metals, car exhaust, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).[3]

What does oxidative stress do to the hair?

Pollution oxidizes the disulfide bonds and degrades the lipids in hair causing both structural damage and damage to the surface. This degradation of the cuticle and cortex leaves hair fibers more susceptible to UV, thermal, and chemical damage. [4]  People usually perceive this damage as hair breakage, reduced shine, dullness, loss of hair color, increased frizz, and dry, coarse-feeling hair. Particulate matter in the range of 2.5–10 microns is significantly smaller than pores and can find its way into the viable hair follicles where the hair is anchored and grows. This causes inflammation and oxidative stress impacting the collagen in the scalp and proteins responsible for anchoring the hair to the scalp. This results in hair loss and sensitive scalp syndrome.[5]

hair loss stressed scalp and pollution damage to hair can be prevented and repaired with save me from pollution assault

Fighting oxidative stress

Try as we might, we are exposed to environmental stressors daily; however, we are not defenseless. Save Me from Pollution Assault both prevents and repairs hair from oxidative stress and restores hair strength, elasticity, hydration, and shine. This bouncy-textured reboot approaches oxidative stress in two ways: forming a protective shield to prevent the adherence of pollutant particles and quenching free radicals by utilizing plant-based antioxidants. The results are enough to convert any unbeliever with clinical testing showing a 78.2% increase in hair strength, 111.7% increase in hydration, 82.7% increase in shine, 134.4% increase in hair flexibility, and 95.65% reduction in split ends. Even if pollution and oxidative stress are not your biggest hair concerns every hair type can benefit from the infusion of vitamins and superfoods. Let’s meet our shine-enhancing, hair-smoothing, hydration-boosting super stars:

Biofunctional Rice Protein

Rice protein is rich in amino acids, varied molecular weight peptides, and polysaccharides. The lower molecular weight peptides and amino acids can penetrate and repair the hair from within while the larger molecular weight peptides form ioninc and hydrogen bonds with the hair thus repairing the cuticle. This dietary staple has a protective effect on hair keratin supporting the integrity of the hair to reduce breakage. We combined our rice protein with phytic acid, an antioxidant and chelating agent that binds heavy metals and prevents lipid peroxidation thus preserving hair’s shine and brightness.

rice micro proteins to repair hair damage from pollution save me from pollution assault ingredients to repair hair damage

Artichoke Leaves

Artichoke leaves are high in hydroxycinnamic derivatives that act as antioxidants to prevent your hair from losing necessary proteins and lipids. This extract also lays the cuticles down, sealing the hair shaft. This sleek shield improves hydration and reduces frizz while the antioxidants keep hair strong and preserve hair density. It has proven to have a repairing effect up to 90% and protecting effect up to 60%.  

 artichoke leaves in save me from pollution assault to help hair become shinier


We all know that eating sugar is bad for you resulting in glycation, inflammation, and oxidative stress. I write this while I not-so-gracefully eat my daily donut for breakfast. Sugar may not be great for your skin but it is a savior for your hair. A blend of polysaccharides from green tea and xylitol in combination with panthenol (vitamin B5) and chia seed prevents pollution particles from sticking to your hair. The high molecular weight of polysaccharides makes them unable to penetrate the hair shaft so they lay on the surface forming a protective coating. The protective veil increases hair brightness, combability, and strength. The green tea also has potent antioxidant properties essential to a healthy and soothed scalp.

fenugreek leaves in hair care to increase strength, improve shine, and help make hair longer and more beautiful


It is worth mentioning our amazing reparative Fenugen technology with Ayruvedic Fenugreek. We identified fenugreek as a plant possessing rich concentrations of specific, bioactive compounds (medium and long chain fatty acids, terpenoids, polyphenols, phospholipids and vitamins A, C and B variety vitamins). We included bio-boosters like Coenzyme Q10 and organic karanja and MCT’s derived from coconut. This technology improves the health of the scalp as well as every aspect of the hair, root to tip.

Next time you reach for your fresh pressed juice remember to increase the phytonutrients in your hair care routine, also!






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