QPR Certification for $40 Off

QPR Stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer. Imagine that someone you know stops breathing, you’d start doing CPR, right? But what do you do if your friend was talking about killing themselves? How would you try to save their life? 

As part of our mission, we want at least one person in every household, workplace, and school to be QPR certified. Being able to respond appropriately to a mental health crisis could save someone’s life. 

That’s why for the next two months you have the opportunity to get $40 off any SAVE ME FROM purchase when you get QPR certified at QPRinstitute.com. Not only that, but with QPRSAVES you’ll get the certification for only $20 instead of the usual $30! That’s a $50 savings between the certification and your purchase. PLUS, your purchase helps us donate 10% of our net income to other suicide prevention services. That’s a win-win-win in our book!

So learn how you can save a life today and save your hair all in one by getting certified and getting $40 off your purchase! 

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