Save Me From…Chemical Conflict


This fashionista can’t get enough of the trendiest styles and keepin’ it classy. Her bathroom is littered with Cosmo mags, and her Pinterest boards flaunt the latest hair, makeup, and clothing styles. Without her you might never have known to remove the shoulder pads in your favorite blazer  She exudes poise, refinement, and using her popularity for a good cause. (Ten points if you can pinpoint that 90’s reference!)

Nicole feels for the problems in the world and becomes an advocate to all goodwill efforts. She takes on any profession, but will make sure to do it passionately. Because she tends to be in the limelight, Nicole likes to keep herself looking youthful to match her inward vibrancy and passion.

With Nicole’s passion for fashion and humanity, but also a desire to control her aging, her hair takes some nasty tolls. Because, you see, Nicole likes to keep gray hairs at bay and dye them away! She might let them come around sometime, but for now she feels too young on the inside to let her outward appearance get out of her control.

Does Nicole sound like someone in your life? Let’s hope so! If you aren’t a Nicole or don’t have a Nicole in your life, go get yourself one! You’ll find her inspiring attitude a comfort in this crazy world! But enough about her, let’s talk about her hair:


What kind of toll does trendy hair take?

Well…if you were graced with hair that perfectly matches the current trends, then congrats! You won’t have to do much. However, trends change constantly and keeping up with them means dyes, blowouts, perms, and more. Particularly if you are the type who feels like your hair changes your mood regularly, or you are always wanting an upgrade. All of these mean a lot of chemical damage to hair! Here are some chemical trends that damage your hair:


If hair damage had a richter scale, bleaching would be a 9 out of 10! But trends looooove bleached hair. A new way to bleach (foiling, all over bleach, bleaching one portion) is always going around. While this comes at a cost, there are ways to repair the damage the bleach places on your hair. Plus, there are ways to avoid too much damage, and certain brands and products also make a huge difference.


Even higher on a hair richter scale would be relaxing. Taking curly hair and using chemicals to “relax” it to a straight look involves patience, a little skill, and a lot of chemical damage. Hair relaxers can be bought at any drugstore, but plenty of women prefer to have someone do it professionally. Straight hair goes in and out of style, but the demand for products that drastically change hair doesn’t.


I used to be told that since I had light hair coloring it darker would be better for my hair by inserting nutrients into it. Unfortunately, I believed them and colored my hair only to find that the frizziness and hair damage didn’t really go away! The point it, while it is less damaging than straight bleaching your entire head, it doesn’t really change the fact that coloring hair isn’t repairing any damage. Not to mention that the extra chemicals likely cause chemical damage in addition to the natural damage it already has endured.

Bottom Line for Trendy Hair

Nicole’s trendy hair looks fabulous (always!) and sure is fun to look at, but at the end of the day, is she sacrificing healthy hair for stylish hair? The good news is, she won’t have to let it go on like this much longer. If you feel like you identify with Nicole, be sure to follow us through this journey until we release our newest products. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your love for fashion to fix the chemical damage it does to your hair!

As always, sharing is caring and we want to hear from you about your hair damage faux pas! Have you noticed adverse effects to your hair because of these trends? Any damage you have yet to tackle?