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Save Me From…Pollution Assault


Michelle is the ultimate urbanite. She loves to try new things, cares about the environment and pollution damage, and enjoys traveling. Her wanderlust attitude motivates her to have an adventure every day, so she prefers to live the city life. Her daily life involves activity in whatever form she sees fit, whether it’s the gym or spending time outdoors, or working on a project. She loves to meet and get to know new people and cultures and values her friends deeply. If she isn’t looking up “unlikely animal friends” on YouTube, then she’s probably on Instagram making sure to like all of her friend’s newest posts. Every week she is trying a new hairstyle or makeup routine and researching best brands online.

Now to the main issue: her hair. Michelle’s lifestyle seems to have nothing to do with hair, right? Wrong. Michelle might spend the occasional weekend away camping, but she’d probably never give up the city life. Because of this, her hair is enduring some majorly catastrophic elements in the air. She cares about the pollution problem in all the big cities around the world, but does she really know how it’s affecting her hair?


Pollution Facts

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause change. That doesn’t just mean car smog and cigarette smoke- though, those have terrible consequences- no, it’s a number of things. City life involves more than cars, public transportation and people’s vices. Air conditioning, heating systems, laundry and washing systems all produce toxic elements in the air. UV rays are abundant in the city. Buildings, streets, and sidewalks all create a great place for UV rays to bounce around instead of being absorbed. Skin health is mostly threatened by particulate matter, which comes from a number of natural and artificial sources.

Basically, if there are people, there is pollution. We talk a lot about carbon emissions, but the buck doesn’t stop there when it comes to hair. Your hair is affected by more than that part of the pollution market share.

Pollution Damaged Hair

What is the air doing to your hair?

Ever experienced a very itchy scalp? Dandruff? Oily? Pain in the hair roots? Yep, it’s likely pollution damage. Not only that, but chemical damage from these elements can strain the protective coating on your hair. But it get’s worse- some people experience alopecia-like symptoms when the damage gets bad.

What do I do?

Well, you could move from the city. But we all know that healthy hair doesn’t always justify an entire lifestyle change. And no one wants to spend their days worrying constantly about what elements are in the air. If you aren’t willing to give up your accessible and exciting city lifestyle, then consider these ideas for avoiding as much damage as possible.

You might want to start washing your hair a lot more (if you aren’t already) but that in itself can lend a harsh hand. Too much shampooing and “hair care” can actually cause additional problems to your hair. What do you do, then?

Stay Tuned…

We have some perfect products coming up in the near future that you will want to add to your hair care routine. Our products take all kinds of damage into account! We’ve thought of it all, so that you won’t have to choose between your hair and your lifestyle! Check out our other product profiles like our Sun and Sweat Damage friend, Beth.

And as always, we want to hear from you! What do you love about living in the city? What do you NOT love? If there was some kind of damage that you feel is concerning you most about your hair, tell us!

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