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Save Me From…Product Overload


If she isn’t circling some new things to try in her Allure zine, then she is reading about the latest health trend. Her love of natural and organic food keeps her busy trying new recipes and posting about the best ones. Layla loves to spend time with her friends, discussing anything and everything.  She’s not afraid to open a pandora’s box of information, nor is she shy about controversial topics. More importantly, she values the opinions of others and is sure to consider all information from many sources. Layla might “look” like your typical socialite, but her lifestyle is a cornucopia of variety- from kickboxing to cooking, she wants to have it all and does!

Layla’s Hair:

Layla also loves her hair. More than that, Layla loves a quality, new hair product and gets a thrill out of rating and reviewing tried and true products, (or total duds!) on Amazon or on a product page. After all, she knows that a good brand and product involves taking every type of person and hair into account.


The downside:

However, Layla’s affinity for trying any new product causes some serious product damage to her hair. It’s no secret that products have harmful chemicals for you. Buuuuuut, it washes out of your hair, right? Well, yes and no. It likes to sink in there and wreak havoc before you even notice a difference. Not to mention, constant exposure to harmful chemicals cause product damage to your hair.

But how could it really do that much damage?

When you do a lot to your hair: blow-drying, curling, washing, backcombing, swimming, sunning, etc. etc. you are causing all kinds of serious damage. Then, along comes the products on top of that and you’ve basically guaranteed that the damage is there to stay. It’s like putting salt in the wound. But literally, because many hair products contain harsh salts that you are putting into your already wounded hair!

Okay, so hair isn’t alive, so why should we care about the damage? Because damage is the reason why the hair starts to look frizzy, thin, and break. But you already knew that, right? So, you use the latest product that is out there to correct the “look” of the damage. However, that product is likely also contributing to it, so then you end up with this cycle of damage, attempting to fix it (let’s be honest, a “band-aid” fix), then damaging it with the product you used to fix it, and on and on.

Do you see what is happening? The product is the opportunity to be inserting good and healthy ingredients into the parts of your hair that are damaged and actually improve it!

This is where Save Me From really comes to the rescue (again!). If you stay tuned for our upcoming product launch, we will give you all you need to know and do to keep doing your hair the way you want, but without the yucky ingredients in all of those other products. You’ll actually be doing your hair some good without needing to give it all up. Heck, you will probably end up replacing all of your other products with this one solution!

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What is your favorite hair product and why?