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Why Is My Hair Thinning? How To Make Your Hair Thicker with SAVE ME FROM Age Acceleration

How Does Hair Age? 

Quarantine has been a trying time for most of us. We have rediscovered raman noodles from our college days, invested in a yoga pant heavy wardrobe, questioned our decisions to have kids, googled how to cut our own bangs (and hopefully never went through with it), and returned to our natural roots.

Our hair ages morphologically, mechanically, structurally, and aesthetically as we age due to genetic and environmental reasons. There is weathering of the hair shaft as well as hair follicle aging. We perceive these changes in the hair as coarse, brittle, dry, wiry, dull, stiff, unmanageable, and hair thinning + gray coloring.

What causes thinning hair?

As we age, our body experiences many changes, and your hair's thickness is no exception; to keep your hair looking thick + full as you age, it needs special attention. 

Hair naturally changes in color and texture over time. Factors including age, diet, genetics and overall health determine how fast hair grows and the overall health of the hair. A single strand of hair has a normal life of about two to seven years, and grows on average 0.5 inches a month or six inches per year. As hair begins to age, it has a shortened life cycle where shorter, finer hair begins falling out. This hair is usually replaced with new finer hair.

Over time, nearly everyone has some hair loss with aging. Women and men experience hair loss for a variety of reasons as they age, such as hereditary traits, endocrine disorders, thyroid disorders, reduced hormonal support, and nutritional deficiencies. In women, menopause is a big player as they enter their 40s. Because of these aging and environmental changes, some hair follicles stop producing new hair altogether. Over time, hair fibers become thinner and drop out; unfortunately, they may never regenerate.


How can I stop my hair from thinning as I age?


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What causes graying hair?

The graying of hair is called canities and is due to changes in melanogenesis, the hair pigmentation process. The process is not completely understood but there are a number of theories as to the cause. Melanocytes are cells found in the hair bulb (down in the follicles) that produce melanin or pigment that give our hair color. It’s surprising that melanin only makes up 1% of the entire hair but plays such a crucial role in how we perceive ourselves and those around us. This melanin is produced with the help of the enzyme Tyrosinase and is later transferred to the cortex of the hair during the anagen or growth phase of the hair. As we age, the melanocyte and tyrosinase activity decrease thus producing less pigment. It is also hypothesized that melanosomes, organelles that package and hold the melanin before depositing it in the hair cortex, degrade and are less effective at transferring the melanin. These degraded melanosomes also leak melanin before delivering to the cortex. This all translates to less pigment in the hair or “gray” hair.

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What is causing my hair to gray?

Gray hair can occur by more than just chronological age or genetic disorders. Premature graying can be caused by factors such as cigarette smoke, diet, and stress.1,2 Yes, those times your mother told you that your teenage years caused her to prematurely gray do have some merit. There is also the theory of the prooxidant role in graying or graying due to oxidative stress from free radicals. Oxidative stress can induce melanocyte apoptosis or cellular death as well as damage the hair follicles.[2] Oxidative damage of the hair follicles has further reaching affects than just canities. It can also lead to microinflammation of the scalp and hair fallout and thinning, another feature of aging hair. With chronological aging comes decreased density of scalp hair with the total hair follicle number decreasing continually each year. The growth rate of pigmented hair decreases and the number of hairs in the telogen phase (end phase of the hair growth cycle) increases as opposed to the anagen phase (beginning phase of hair growth cycle).

What makes gray hair different? Why is my hair thinning?

Gray hairs are structurally different than the average pigmented hair. They tend to be stiffer, resist movement or hair dynamics, and have larger diameter with impeded bounce and flexibility. The movement or dynamics of gray hair differs from pigmented hair due to difference in internal structure, fiber diameter, and how they interact with the hair fibers around them.[3] There is much more friction between fibers and more friction means more hair breakage, knotting, and frizz. These gray hairs have less energy and are unable to bounce back making them resistant to heat styling or movement in the same fashion as pigmented hair.[5] Even small fractions of gray hair in your ponytail can lead to significant dynamic changes. Most importantly, gray hair is more sensitive to environmental aggressors than pigmented hair and needs additional protection.

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How to Prevent Hair Thinning + Make Your Hair Thicker Naturally!

Some embrace gray hair as a sign of grace and wisdom. We support either way, but those gray hairs need special care. Aging hair needs to be reinforced, protected, and repaired. We took a number of approaches with our SAVE ME FROM Age Acceleration reboot to restore the hair back to its natural youthfulness. To improve hair dynamics and movement we utilized ingredients to realign damaged areas of the hair shaft and improved lubricity and porosity. We used strengthening ingredients to reduce hair breakage and splits ends, added nourishing ingredients that improve hair flexibility, and blended with cuticle saving actives that restore shine, smoothness, softness, and manageability. That was a long run-on sentence but that is what I sound like when I get excited. By the way, we have clinicals to back it up:  

Key Ingredients in Age Acceleration Hair Loss Leave-In Conditioner

Bioactive Milk Molecules

bioactive milk molecules in save me from age acceleration

Isolated milk molecules are readily bioavailable for both your scalp and hair, revitalizing and rejuvenating to improve the density and thickness of hair. This helps to prevent and treat thinning hair by strengthening hair from the roots.


Japanese Licorice

This unique ingredient has ceramide-like activity that enhances lipid hydration (decreases porosity) and boosts keratin strength. Hair and scalp are both healthier and act younger.

Tara Fruit + Organic Sunflower Sprouts

The Tara plant is rich in tannins, very powerful antioxidants that also chelate heavy metals and reduce lipid peroxidation. We combined these tannins with organic sunflower sprouts for an unparalleled antioxidant rich elixir. It restores the resilience of hair, provides thermal protection, reduces oxidative stress from pollution and UV, repairs chemically treated hair, and prevents color fading. This blend binds to the hair proteins and neutralizes free radical assaults on the hair.


It is worth mentioning our amazing reparative Fenugen technology with Ayruvedic Fenugreek. We identified fenugreek as a plant possessing rich concentrations of specific, bioactive compounds (medium and long chain fatty acids, terpenoids, polyphenols, phospholipids and vitamins A, C and B variety vitamins). We included bio-boosters like Coenzyme Q10 and organic karanja and MCT’s derived from coconut. This technology improves the health of the scalp as well as every aspect of the hair, root to tip.

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Whether or not you choose to embrace your natural gray, a little TLC goes a long way. Grab an AGE ACCELERATION reboot to restore your hair’s natural youth.








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