Unlock your hair’s survival with this breakthrough ingredient!

Here at SAVE ME FROM® hair care, we love to be open about what we put in our products (because, well, it does go into your hair and onto your scalp, after all) and we feel strongly that each ingredient should outlast all of the alternatives out there. That’s why we use coconut oil in 5 of our 6 products. We’ve done the research, and it really just blows all competition out of the water, and we want you to know how that’s possible.

The "Roots" of Coconut Oil

Historically, coconut oil has been used by communities local to the harvesting area to treat hair. Since then, you see it in almost any type of product from hair care to skincare to foods. The overall benefit of coconut oil completely justifies the work that goes into harvesting it.

In Ayurvedic medicine, coconut oil was used for many purposes: ingestion to treat respiratory issues and diabetes, to treat eczema and other skin diseases, and as a way to strengthen and nourish the hair.. Coconut oil was considered to be superior to all other oils in Ayurveda in treating hair, particularly! 

Mineral Oil and Sunflower Oil

Let’s talk about the alternatives for a second. The most common alternative is mineral oil. It’s cheaper, considered non-greasy, but it has no attraction for proteins because it is a hydrocarbon. This means that this oil does not enter the hair shaft. This means that whatever other nutrients mineral oil could be doing to benefit or otherwise repair your hair won’t be able to get in to do its work very well.

The next most common alternative is sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is odorless and nonfreezing. But again, due to its double bonded system, it doesn’t infiltrate the hair fiber. It may make your hair “appear” healthier and shinier, but you will be stuck using this oil over and over to achieve the same result, rather than repairing the damage being done to your hair by other elements.

The Science Behind Coconut Oil

Okay, you’ve probably guessed where this is going—coconut oil doesn’t just do everything that mineral oil and sunflower oil can (make your hair look shinier and healthier) but its structure DOES penetrate the hair shaft allowing nutrients to soak into the deepest layers of your hair and repair the damage being done! This is why coconut oil has become a no brainer for repairing your damaged hair.

The results of this study of hair fibers being exposed to different types of damage and then treated with the different types of oils is incredibly revealing to this fact. First, the researchers took different types of hair: curly, wavy, straight, bleached, and permed. They lined them up with each type strapped to a device and then each was subjected to different types of damage. Boiling water was the first type of extreme situation, then UV ray exposure, and then exposure to bleach in a salon setting. WITHOUT FAIL, the protein loss of the damaged hair tresses was significantly lower in all of the damage categories and was especially lower when the hair was treated with coconut oil as a leave-in before the damage occurred. Second was sunflower oil (though by a small margin compared to mineral oil) and mineral oil came in last place when it came to preventing protein loss (aka hair damage).  

This isn’t just a happenstance for us- this type of research IS the reason why we carefully chose coconut oil to be part of our haircare line. The unique structure of the medium chain fatty acids and straight chain fatty acids in coconut oil are an unmatchable force to protect and repair the damage that your hair is enduring every day.

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Information via: Rele, A. S., & Mohile, R. B. (2003). Effect of mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil on prevention of hair damage. J. Cosmet. Sci., 54(March/April), 175.