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Tip to Root Hair Reboot™ Kit

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1x 15 ml POLLUTION ASSAULT Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

1x 15 ml PRODUCT OVERLOAD Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

1x 15 ml SUN + SWEAT Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

1x 15 ml AGE ACCELERATION Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

1x 15 ml THERMAL OBSESSION Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

1x 15 ml CHEMICAL CONFLICT Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

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Apply through damp, clean hair starting from hair tips and working towards roots. As a nourishing mask, use up to walnut-size and rinse after at least 30 minutes to overnight. As a conditioning leave-in treatment, use up to 3 pea-sizes, let penetrate and style with or without heat. May experience tingling and warmth. Caution: For external use only. Avoid eye contact.

Have a great hair day no matter where you go, what you do or how you style your hair. Use:

PRODUCT OVERLOAD: For those days you style your hair, use too much hairspray and dry shampoo.

SUN + SWEAT: For those days you’re at the beach, pool, taking your favorite fitness class or enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. 

THERMAL OBSESSION: For the days you blow dry, heat and curl your hair.

CHEMICAL CONFLICT: For before and after you visit the salon getting ready to color, bleach, highlight,  perm or relax your hair.

AGE ACCELERATION: For those times when age begins to catch up with your hair.

POLLUTION ASSAULT: For those times you live or travel to urban areas.

Made with Fenugen™, an encapsulation combining karanja oil, bioboosters and Ayurvedic Fenugreek, that works to end hair breakage and reboot healthy hair from tip to root.

Pollution, sun, sweat, product buildup, aging, heat and chemical treatments can cause hair and scalp damage. Damage makes your hair look dull, frizzy and thin and makes your hair feel rough, dry and brittle. Hair can be unmanageable with split ends and breakage. Your scalp can feel itchy, irritated and unbalanced. 

Save Me From™ Hair Despair Tip to Root Hair Reboot™ Kit is formulated to save your hair and scalp from the damage you expose it to, giving you a great hair day no matter where you go or how you style it. Your hair health depends on Save Me From™.

Get healthy hair, end breakage. Your hair transformation starts with Save Me From™.