Carro + SAVE ME FROM Influencer Program | SAVE ME FROM

I want to make an influencer request, how do I use Carro?

1. Add product to bag on product page.

carro influencer save me from how to get free samples of save me from for influencers save me from pollution assault to repair tangly, damaged hair for more beautiful hair

2. Click on the Carro Dots on the right side of the page. If you do not see the Dots, you may need to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram to signal the platform that you may qualify.

save me from pollution assault how to use carro for influencers how to get save me from free samples to get shinier hair and repair hair damage

3. Check that you are requesting the right products. (See our influencer page for products we are currently offering.)

save me from hair products to fix damaged hair use carro for influencers to get free save me from products

4. Let us know what you agree to provide in exchange for product. Requirements for consideration are below the following me from how to use carro for influencers to get free product save me from pollution assault and save me from product overlaod

CAMPAIGN MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 1. At least one feed post, but not limited to 2. Tag the PHOTO of your post with @savemefrom.usa, tag the photo CAPTION with @savemefrom.usa, #savemefrom, #savehairsavelives, #ad 3. Product with logo shown and influencer face and hair must be in photo post 4. Do not copy and paste product description for caption, must include details of experience of use 5.Do weekly treatments and offer your content within 4 - 6 weeks after receipt of product

5. Agree to the terms of use. 

agree to the terms of use on carro platform to receive free product for influencers for save me from tip to root hair reboot and hair care products

6. Double check your submission and click Next.

7. We approve collaborations that give more information and specifics on what about our brand appeals to you and more details on the type of content you agree to create. Those with little or no information will not be approved.

additional information box for carro platform to receive free product from save me from hair repair products

8. Verify your influencer status via your business or creator profile.

connect social media facebook or instagram page to carro platform to confirm eligibiility

9. Continue with the prompts.