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save me from influencer requirements

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We want you to have a great experience working with us. Part of that process is making sure you feel like you are a good match for our brand values and mission! Below you'll find information for our brand goals, our mission for suicide prevention, what sets our products apart from others, and the guidelines we expect from you as an influencer. On this page, you will also find which products we are currently offering for influencers, and a link to our specific instructions to apply. Feel free to direct any additional questions to


The pursuit of creating safe, luxurious, results-driven beauty products guides everything we do, from the way we develop our products to ways we strive to empower the people who use them. Our mission is to create wellness-boosting, sophisticated and powerful personal care products that empower all people to find purpose, realize their potential and know they have the power to accomplish greatness.


Watch our lovely founder, April Peck, explain below about what we mean by "damage specific" and why our products work for EVERY hair type!


 Now that you've gotten to know us a little more, and you've decided you fit our goals and mission, next you will find information about our campaign requirements!

CAMPAIGN MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:  1. At least one feed post 2. Tag the PHOTO of your post with @savemefrom.usa, tag the photo CAPTION with @savemefrom.usa, #savemefrom, #savehairsavelives, #ad 3. Product with logo shown and influencer face and hair must be in photo post 4. Do not copy and paste product description for caption, must include details of experience of use 5. Do weekly treatments and offer your content up to 4 - 6 weeks past receipt of product 6. Must have a U.S. shipping address 7. Must have at least 5,000 followers

save me from become an influencer get free samples of save me from products to repair damaged hair

the bubbly blonde mckenna wesley influencer loves save me from hair care products for blonde hair to treat bleached hair and repair damaged hair

zsigns beauty loves save me from instagram post with save me from pollution assault in hand and brown hair how to treat damaged hair from pollution and detox hair treatment save me from tip to root hair reboot hair repair products overnight mask treatment

 pollution assault save me from hair care mask overnight treatment saves hair from pollution damage and makes hair shinier and gives hair more bounce


save me from product overload hair and scalp detox free samples for influencers interested in save me from hair care products

Our influencer management system is run by Carro. This requires you to follow us on Instagram in order to be considered.

carro influencer for save me from hair repair and hair damage repair products click here to go to the carro information page

*Do you have another idea for more product content? We notice and reach out to influencers who create and post about us over different social channels for future collaborations! Unfortunately, at this time we are not considering paid collaborations. We have the right to reject or accept requests according to our needs.