We’re on a mission to solve real beauty problems, empower people and save lives. With every SAVE ME FROM purchase, you help us. When you join the LIV FEARLESS Club, you are rewarded as you live your best hair days, discover new products and earn points redeemable towards future purchases!




The SAVE ME FROM LIV FEARLESS CLUB is SAVE ME FROM’s free rewards program that lets you earn points on all your product purchases, social media follows and shares, and your birthday! You can then redeem these points for rewards, discounts, and SAVE ME FROM merchandise. To sign up for the LIV FEARLESS CLUB, please go to

How do you join the LIV FEARLESS CLUB?

Go to and click on “JOIN LIV FEARLESS”. Then enter your email address, create a password, and check your email for a message from us to confirm your account. Once done, log in as usual and LIV ON! 
Note: Already purchased with us? Activate your account using the same email address that you entered at checkout to add a point to your account for every $ you just spent.

Do points ever expire?

Points never expire.

How do I earn LIV FEARLESS CLUB points?

There are many ways to earn points! The first is by simply signing up and joining our club. After that, points can be earned by purchasing products as well as sharing and following us on social media. And bonus, SAVE ME FROM gives birthday points too!

Can I earn Save Me From Rewards Points if I purchase in retail stores or other sites that carry Save Me From?

At this time you can only redeem points when purchasing from

Can I combine my points from multiple accounts into a single account?

Yes! If you have more than one LIV FEARLESS CLUB account, please email your account credentials to and note which account you’d like to keep. We’ll take care of it from there!

How can I check my Save Me From Rewards points balance?

To view your current points balance, simply select the LIV FEARLESS CLUB hyperlink at the top of our homepage, scroll to “Join the Club” and enter the email and password associated with your account. Your points balance will populate under the “Earn Points” heading of this page and can also be viewed on the right-hand of the checkout page.

What happens to my points when I return items?

When items are refunded, your points balance will be deducted from the amount.

How do I spend my points?

Open your shopping cart via the shopping basket icon on the upper right-hand side of the page to view your points balance and all redemption options offered. Click the corresponding module to add that reward to your cart, then select "Checkout" when you're ready to complete your purchase. You can add as many rewards as your point balance permits.

I can’t log into my account.

Please reset your password by selecting the "Forgot Password" link on the LIV FEARLESS CLUB sign in page. We'll send an email to the address on file that will prompt you to reset your password, then sign in as usual! If you're still having issues, please contact us at

I performed an action that you reward with points (i.e. liked/shared SAVE ME FROM's page on my social media accounts) but my points aren’t showing up.

You must like / share / follow us via the modal on the LIV FEARLESS CLUB page for points to automatically register in your account. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your point balance to adjust. If your balance still doesn't look right after this time, please contact our Customer Care Team at and they can help!

Can I combine "point" discount codes with other discount codes?

No. The way the loyalty program works is you earn points. Once you've reached a point threshold you're happy with, you convert those points over to a discount. That discount can then be used towards your purchase. We only allow one discount to be used at a time. Thus, convert your points wisely for the maximum amount. This is why we've made it possible for you to convert points up to $100!