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Reclaim Thicker, Fuller, Healthier Hair!

Transform thin hair to thick hair in 3 uses with our Award-Winning Volumizing
Hair Repair Treatment

Nourish Your Hair + See Thicker, Fuller, Healthier Hair

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Thickening + Age-Defying
Hair + Scalp Treatment

  • Increase hair thickness by 203%*
  • Strengthen against breakage by 87%*
  • Boost hydration by 123%*
  • Restore silky, soft hair without weighing it down or greasy feeling
  • Corrects soft curl pattern with no crunch​.

Exclusive: 2 Free Gifts

A Complete 3-Step Hair Repair + Styling System

3-in-1 Anti-Aging,
Hair Thickening Treatment + Curl Cream


4x More Potent + 
5x More Powerful
Precisely Formulated 

  • 4x More Potent concentrated formulas made with less water. A typical hair treatment is formulated with only 10% active ingredients and 90% water. Save Me From is formulated with 50-60% active ingredients, formulating with much less water. We don't dilute the formulas, but you should
  • 5x More Powerful hair repair + antioxidant protection. Save Me From's patent-pending Fenugen eco-extracts fenugreek's rich nutrients into an encapsulated hair repair complex that's 5x more plant nutrients. 
  • Precisely Formulated to repair, replenish + treat aging hair damage. By incorporating age-fighting ingredients, such as antioxidant-rich tara fruit, thickening milk proteins + lipid-boosting licorice extract, dry, aging, thinning hair regains its youthful, healthy appearance. 
  • 2 Month Supply. Every 100 ml bottle will last 2 months when used weekly as an overnight hair mask (using 6 pumps on wet hair, diluted with water) + 4 times a week as a leave-in repair treatment (using 1 pump on wet hair, diluted with water).

  • Silicone Free. Save Me From is NOT a conditioner or masking product. It is designed as add-on treatment to replenish, repair + prevent damage. Layer under silicone products if additional "masking" is required. With frequent use, hair will transition to requiring silicone/masking products less or unnecessary over time.

Stop Masking + Start Fixing

Exclusive: 2 Free Gifts

A Complete 3-Step Hair Repair + Styling System

The Breakthrough Retinoid of Hair Care 

Gold Standard Ingredients

  • Retinol is considered the gold standard in anti-aging skin care by restoring skin from the inside, out. 
  • Works from within to boost collagen + lessen the appearance of wrinkles 
  • Balances oil + reduces pore size for clearer skin 
  • It accelerates skin turnover for brighter, smoother, firmer  skin
  • Fenugen is formulated as the new breakthrough in hair + scalp care by restoring hair from the inside, out. 
  • Fenugen treats the scalp 1st with 5x more plant nutrients including polyphenols, niacin, vitamin A + B vitamins alongside caffeine to feed + stimulate hair follicles.
  • Fenugen contains proteins + amino acids alongside creatine's bond-building ability to deeply penetrate + strengthen hair from within. 
  • Fenugen contains phospholipids, penetrating babassu + coconut oils to replenish ceramides + balance the hair's internal hydration. 
  • Fenugen contains  vitamin C + mucilage alongside silk proteins to tighten cuticles, condition + restore silky, soft hair.
  • Unlike Retinol, Fenugen is non-irritating yet powerful + proven to fight the signs of hair aging. 

Tip to Root + Inside Out


Proven Results 

  • Improve Hair Thickness by 203.9%*
  • Improve Hair Flexibility by 145%*
  • Strengthen Against Breakage by 87%*
  • Boost Hydration by 123%*
  • Reduce Split Ends by 95% *
  • *Results based on variable vs control study on usage of Age Acceleration Tip to Root Hair Reboot™ containing 2% Fenugen treated, damaged hair vs untreated, damaged hair compared to virgin hair.
Age Acceleration
Age Acceleration
Age Acceleration
Age Acceleration
Age Acceleration
Age Acceleration


Age Acceleration



Expert Testimonials

“I chose Save Me From Age Acceleration to enhance volume and revitalize Miranda’s hair. It’s great because not only will it soften the hair, but it also gives me some volume...I always make sure Miranda is stocked and prepped with my favorites.” 

-Johnny Lavoy
Celebrity Hairstylist for Miranda Lambert 

Expert Testimonials

“This is my go to everyday for my own hair and also use it on a majority of my clients! This not only makes your hair feel instantly thickened, it also thickens the new growth over time! I’ve had some clients using it for 6 months now and I/they can totally see and feel the difference!”

-David M. 

Expert Testimonials

"I feel like my curls are coming back curlier...one of the big things I've noticed is my hair is looking curlier...I'm definitely going to keep on doing the treatments ”

- Dre Malczewska

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