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7 Hair + Wellness Resolutions to Make for 2021!

 7 Hair + Wellness Resolutions to Make for 2021

Many of us may be damaging our hair, without even knowing it! If you don't start using products that take better care of your hair, you may start experiencing more hair fall, dryness and dullness! The dream of healthy hair can be turned into reality this year with proper nutrition, dedication, and care! Learn how to transform your hair this year with these 7 Hair + Wellness Resolutions to make 2021 your year for your healthiest, strongest and longest hair ever! 


1. Detox Your Scalp Every Other Week

Dirt, oil, and build up can get in the way of the healthy nutrients in our treatments to penetrate into your scalp + hair. Use a deep cleanser + detoxifying scalp treatment like Product Overload, formulated with gentle ingredients that remove impurities on the hair with white + bamboo activated charcoal, kaolin clay and peat moss. These ingredients gently work to remove residue and buildup in the scalp and hair from dirt, excess oil and styling products that can build up making strands look dull, lackluster, and weighed down. Start with washing your hair first and depending on your hair type and concerns, you'll want to detox your scalp every other week to remove the impurities + buildup on the scalp and hair. Pro tip: add equal parts sugar for an invigorating, exfoliating scrub for your scalp!


2. Incorporate Clean Ingredients

We can't always control all of the environmental factors that are damaging to our hair, but we can control the ingredients in the hair care products we use! Embrace clean beauty formulated with natural ingredients and select products with less fragrance - the less chemicals and fragrances in your shampoo, conditioner, and styling products - the healthier your hair will be! Opt for sulfate-free, paraben-free, gentle hair cleansers and conditioners that suits your hair type. In addition, your hair treatments should also contain ingredients such as proteins to help strengthen the hair, lipids and oils for hydration, and antioxidants to help defend + heal your hair from damage. 



3. Overnight Mask Once a Week

Using an overnight treatment at least once a week allows the high-quality ingredients in our formulas to penetrate, repair, and restore the hair. With consistent use, these treatments protect your hair from harsh chemical treatments that strip hair of protein + oil, environmental stress, and heat styling that makes hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. A strengthening formula like Chemical Conflict makes the hair stronger, silkier, and more manageable. This treatment contain the proper proteins and nutrients that make the hair stronger, more resistant to damage, while protecting against damaging chemicals that make hair brittle and weak.

Apply the treatment on wet to damp hair, when the cuticles are open, allowing the nutrients to penetrate deep into the layers of the hair. Concentrate most of the treatment on the ends of the hair such as split ends, working your way up to the mid-lengths in downward motions, applying the little product remaining on your fingertips on to the scalp. Depending upon your hair thickness, length and texture, we also recommend to divide your hair into 3 to 6 sections to make the application of the treatment easier and more evenly distributed. Pro tip: After you apply your treatment, blow dry your hair on a low heat setting to allow for max penetration!


4. Limit Heat Styling + Air Dry Your Hair

We know that blow drying, straightening, and curling your hair makes your hair as beautiful as your idols you see on the red carpe however, excessively heat styling can cause heat damage to your scalp and hair - making hair dry, frizzy, and prone to breakage. If you have extremely dry, damaged hair, limit your heat styling to only important events, or reduce the temperature of your hot tools. Whenever you heat style your hair, be sure to commit to a heat protectant like Thermal Obsession that moisturizes hair, reduces frizz, and offers heat protection up to 450 degrees.  Pro tip: ppt for air drying your hair instead! 



5. Drink at least 8 Glasses of Water Daily

Internal hydration is just as important as external hydration for promoting hydrated, well-balanced, healthy hair. Water is a key nutrient that supports overall health, but makes up almost 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair! When your body has enough water, the nutrients are absorbed and distributed throughout your body much easier. Your scalp will benefit from these essential nutrients and the condition of your hair improves, becoming more hydrated, softer and stronger. Use a hydrating hair treatment such as Age Acceleration to help restore hydration + balance back into the scalp and hair, but make sure you're drinking at least 3 liters of water everyday to ensure better health overall.




6. Take Multi-Vitamins for your Hair with B-Vitamins 

Having a nutritious, well balanced diet is essential for optimal hair health + wellness. A diet inadequate in protein can result in weak, brittle hair and loss of hair color, as well as loss of hair. Reach for a multivitamin or supplements that enhance your diet, and eat a diet rich in foods with proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins. In our fenugreek extraction in our Fenugen technology, our formulas are rich in vitamins B, A, C, niacin and amino acids - reducing hair fall, promoting hair growth, improvement in shine, strength and thickness. Use a leave-in, smoothing styling hair treatment like Pollution Assault, that protects your hair from damage against free radicals + pollutants


Our founder's power couple is HydroPeptide Solar Defense and Save Me From Sun + Sweat. Pro tip: double up your workout with a nourishing treatment! Now that's what we call mutli-masking! 😉 


7. Use Sun Protection for Skin + Hair 365 Days a Year 

A day at the beach can do some serious damage to not only your skin, but also to your hair! In addition to the harsh damage from UV rays from the sun, salt water damages the hair cuticle, irritates the scalp and makes the hair tangled. Protect your hair from moisture loss, UV damage from salt, chlorine, and sweat with a treatment that offers UV protection, soothes a dry scalp and restores health back into faded, dull hair. Sun + Sweat protects + revitalize sun-damaged hair with natural UVA and UBS filters from ingredients like Japanese ume apricot, rosebay to sooth an irritated scalp and soy + micro proteins to help strengthen, repair and protect your hair from color fading, keeping hair bright, healthy and glowing. Pro tip: If you've experience damage to your hair from the sun, use an overnight treatment to provide your scalp and hair by replenishing hydration with an overnight treatment while you sleep to reverse some of the damage from the day at the beach.