Getting to the root of damage.

ALL hair concerns are signs of damage. Every day, hair is exposed to damaging sources that compromise four critical targets from tip to root, the cuticle, the cell membrane complex, the cortex and the scalp. Obvious signs of damage are breakage and split ends, but dryness, dullness, fading, thinning, frizz, tangles, unmanageability, roughness, rigidity and even scalp irritation are also signs of damage. Hair is damaged differently based upon its source. Pollution, styling product build up, aging, heat styling, chemical treatments, sun and sweat are all sources for hair damage. We must get to the root of damage and treat it specific to the source you expose hair to most.

SAVE ME FROM™ is powered by our patent-pending Fenugen™ technology, encapsulated with Ayurvedic Fenugreek sourced from organic, Fair Trade farms near the Blue City in India. Fenugen™ is the next generation, multi-layered, tip-to-root hair beautifier.

Alongside Fenugen™, our Bond Reboot™ unites skin care worthy actives caffeine, creatine, panthenol and Brazilian silk worm proteins to help create our most effective, bond-building products formulated to visibly improve scalp and hair overtime.

Fenugen™ In Action

  • Strength
  • Scalp Wellness
  • Hydration
  • Shine

Increase strength up to 87%*
Reduce split ends up to 97%**

The cortex is an intricate matrix of bonded proteins constructing strength. With our Fenugen and Bond Reboot, the cortex can be rebuilt and bonded for strength and resistance against split ends and breakage.

Improve scalp nourishment up to 18%*
+maintain a balanced scalp microbiome

The scalp is the ultimate foundation for hair wellness, nourishing the scalp and every strand. With our Fenugen and Bond Reboot, the scalp can be nourished and optimized with the full capacity to grow healthy.

Increased hydration up to 201%*

This cuticle-to-cortex binding can be balanced with moisture for elasticity and resealed against improper swelling.

Increase shine up to 82%*

The cuticle is a multi-layered shield that protects the hair shaft. With our Fenugen and Bond Reboot, this multi-layered shield can be reinforced for protection, color longevity, shine, and manageability.



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