Some call it magic, we call it science.

Born from Ayurvedic medicine, we’ve captured the most active fenugreek benefits for hair and unleased its phytonutrient benefits in our concentrated & purified groundbreaking Fenugen technology.

Discover all the ways Fenugen can biohack your hair.

  • Reverse damage

  • Reduce frizz

  • Energize within

  • Balance your roots

  • Soothe stressors

  • Defy age

Bleach, color, chemical services & heat cause internal disulfide bonds to break, leaving your hair weak, brittle & damaged. Fenugen is a good source for important biothiols that protect your hair from oxidative damage & rebuild disulfide bonds. With Bond Reboot’s creatine, ionic bonds are also restored, making the hair stronger even when wet. Our Reboots quickly reduces split ends & breakage while it nurtures new hair that’s more resistant to future damage.

Fix damaged hair with biothiols?

As you age, hair losses important moisture & nutrition that causes your hair to become dry, porous, easily tangled & looking dull. Fenugen is a rich source for phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholine, conditioning mucilage & vitamins A, C & several B that replenish your hair’s hydration, restores healthy porosity & lightly condition so your hair can be frizz-free & shiny.

Restore Healthy Hair with Phospholipids

An increase in inflammation in your body leads to a decline in energy & less blood flow, slowing hair growth & making your hair weak. Like a Red Bull for your scalp, Fenugen is a rich source of nicotinic acid (niacin),nicontinamide (niacinamide) & trigonilline which have been shown to promote healthy blood flow. This can enhance nutrition essential for follicle survival, boost keratin & ceramide synthesis, restore barrier function & empower you with hair that emerges from the scalp healthier with more resistance to damage.

What are the Benefits of Niacinamide for Hair?

Your hair loss may look different from the opposite sex, but the way your hormones affect you are the same. An imbalance of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) can shrink your follicles, damage the hair root & cause thinning. Fenugen is a rich source of diosgenin, a phytosterol shown to help balance hormones, caffeine-like purine alkaloids & caffeine (found in Bond Reboot), which helps lessen DHT, helping to slow hair fall, thicken the hair shaft & lengthen your hair’s growth phase.


Inflammatory stress can be triggered internally & also externally by the beauty products you use. It can obstruct blood circulation & generate free radicals. Fenugen is a rich source for adaptogens, including quercetin & naringenin which are important polyphenol flavonoids that can help widen blood vessels responsible for feeding your scalp, & polyphenol stilbenes that can help neutralize oxidative stressors such as hydrogen peroxide – which could be the culprit to your graying hair.

Your scalp loses collagen as you age & if you’re taking oral retinoids, it may be what’s increasing your hair loss due to an elevated level of TGFb1. Fenugen is a rich source of signaling amino-acids, R-H-K. These biomimetic peptides, arginine (R), histidine (H) & lysine (K) are shown to help stimulate collagen I, revive the scalp & thicken hair. Silk fibroin, in Bond Reboot, is a source of a-helices & B-sheets shown to speed wound healing & rejuvenate hair strong-as-nails but soft-as-silk! With Fenugen’s antibacterial & antifungal properties, scalp microbiome is stabilized making healthy hair possible.

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Hair Repair Peptides and Amino Acids in Save Me From Hair Repair Treatments

Everywhere in nature, plants possess specific bioactivity that give us life.

  • Why fenugreek?

  • The patented process.

  • Magic captured in an oil.

Fenugreek has been a well-kept secret for strong, thick & healthy hair among those who hold the claim to "the World’s Most Beautiful Hair.” Discovered in about 2000 BC where it was first used to preserve mummies & spice dishes, fenugreek is becoming an increasingly popular Ayurvedic remedy for many medical purposes.

As a beauty ritual, women use fenugreek to prevent hair fall, promote hair growth, eliminate dandruff & soothe a dry, itchy scalp.

We source fenugreek from fair trade farms with mineral-rich soil located in the blue city, Jodhpur, India.

First, the seeds are freeze dried & ground into a fine powder to remove all water content without degrading fenugreek's bioactive molecules.

Second, using electromagnetic waves & low-frequency ultrasound cavitation, fenugreek's active phytomolecules are released from the seed & isolated with encapsulation into a carrier oil.

Third, A highly concentrated, penetrating molecule is formed possessing perfect affinity to penetrate into the hair & scalp for results you'll be calling magical.

How the Concentrate is made

We carefully selected the best carrier lipid to capture nature’s magic. Organic karanja & MCTs from coconut oil transfer fenugreek's biological footprint directly into our concentrated complex, Fenugen. Alone, karanja is a natural antimicrobial & antioxidant rich in fatty acids that nourish, moisturize, strengthen & offer heat protection.

In Fenugen, a synergistic alliance is formed with 5x the bioactive compounds & 4x total antioxidant capacity power of fenugreek alone.

The winner: Fenugen vs fenugreek
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Results, up close & personal.


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