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Beautiful, Healthy Hair Starts with Damage-Specific Hair Care.

Aging, buildup, chemicals, heat styling, pollution, sun & sweat are sources for hair damage that deplete & damage hair in different ways. Learn how each Tip to Root Hair Reboot has been formulated to combat each specific source of hair damage to give you your most beautiful, healthy hair. 

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How to Repair Damaged Hair?

Beautiful hair starts with Fenugen + Bond Reboot, two potent damaged hair repair + scalp treatment technologies that promote healthy hair from tip to root, inside and out. 

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SULFATE DETERGENT FREE: Made with Clean, Results-Driven Ingredients
PARABEN FREE: Made with Nature-Identical + Nature-Derived Preservatives
SYNTHETIC DYE FREE: Made with Earth Harvested Colors
SILICONE FREE: Made with Elegant + Sophisticated Silicone Alternatives

Healthy Hair Starts with Clean Hair Care.


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...The haircare company is dedicated to suicide prevention, donating 10% of their net income to prevention and awareness programs. And their products are the real deal: After just one use, the Thermal Obsession mask will give you that freshly-cut healthy look, no matter how many times you've straightened or blowdried it. ."

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...If your hair's feeling straw-like or looking faded, this reviving hair mask will reverse the damage..."

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...this "tip-to-root reboot," treatment blasts away scalp-harming product buildup from dry shampoos and hair sprays, which helps unclog hair follicles and thus leads to improved hair regrowth..."


...the most interesting hair products at Cosmoprof dealt with scalp and hair health. Save Me From, a brand from the founders of skin-care line Hydropeptide were touting their "tip-to-root" hair masks for severely damaged hair..."



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