Treat thinning hair & breakage.

Double your hair thickness in just 3 uses.

Discover the best ingredients.

Hair loss & breakage, meet your match. FENUGEN takes time-tested fenugreek to the next level.

Reverse a decade of damage in 10 minutes.

Transform your hair from the inner cortex to the outer cuticle. Proven to strengthen hair by 87%.

Best Heat Protectant

Check out the ingredients that make Thermal Obsession Heat Protectant Hair Repair one of the best.


Use Hot Tools Like a Pro

With the right celebrity-loved essentials.

Cover all your bases.

  • What is a Reboot? Who is it for?

  • How do I Reboot? How often? Can I use it if I have extensions?

  • How does it work? Are results immediate?

  • What does it smell like?

  • Air or blow dry? How will it feel?

  • How long will a jar last?

Concentrated cream-to-serum bonding treatments for hair regrowth & clinically proven to help thicken hair & reduce breakage. Concentrates transform into a silky serum when emulsified-with-water & are best used as a daily leave-in you stick with for 3 months or more for best results. Great as a weekly overnight treatment. Not conditioners nor masks, transformative treatments that make hair like new.

Treat hair promptly at onset of hair thinning & breakage. Any age, gender, hair texture or level of hair damage can benefit & should continue treatment for long term care.

Choose Your Treatment

Shampoo & condition as normal, then Reboot 1st.*

For Scalp (1/ 4 pea-size used daily):

•Hair may be wet or dry but start with wet fingers to emulsify (dilute & blend by rubbing fingers) treatment into a silky serum.
•Dispense a smidge, emulsify & massage on scalp.

For Hair (1 pea-size used daily as leave-in or approx. 6 pea-sizes used 1-2x per wk as overnight treatment):
•Wet hands & emulsify only 1/2 to 1 pump (pea-size) to dilute concentrate.
•After concentrate is blended into a silky serum, work evenly starting at ends & up to roots. Start with less & add more only as needed depending upon length, thickness & condition of hair.
•Do NOT rinse out.
•Wait 10 minutes then style as usual (heat or air dry - better results when heat activated).

•Scrunch or twist into very wet hair if curls desired.

Maximize Results

•DO shampoo & condition as normal before using. Occasionally use clarifying shampoo to ensure penetration.
•DO use regularly to see & feel ongoing results.
•DO massage into scalp.

•DO use as a daily leave-in treatment.

•DO use other styling products, after waiting 10 minutes.

•DO apply more weekly as an overnight hair treatment to ensure no hair is left behind. Tip: Enjoy in sauna to amplify with heat.

•DO apply on hair extensions steering clear of "tape".
•DON'T overuse, a little goes a long way.
•DON'T rinse out, unless over applied.

•DON'T stop using conditioner.

*See Product Overload for individual use directions.

How to Use

We’ve enhanced time-tested Ayurvedic rituals with a patented scientific process & created a breakthrough, multi-layered vector that renews each compromised area of the hair & scalp. Our technology works by:

•Traveling deep into the innermost layers of the hair to construct a 3D network that
rebuilds bonds for immediate repair, strength & lasting resistance against breakage.
•Suspending between the inner cortex & outer cuticle to restore internal hydration that enhances elasticity.
•Smoothing hair at the surface for enhanced shine & color preservation.
•Replenishing the scalp with in-depth nutrition to rejuvenate thicker hair & lessen hair fall.

You will have immediate results both inside & out! Your hair will be stronger & more resilient against damage. With continued use, you'll notice less breakage in the shower & may notice new hair fill in.


Fresh with a hint of maple syrup?
No, we didn’t add maple or maple flavoring - that smell contributes to the magic.

The natural scent is due the high potency of fenugreek found in Fenugen. It's a medicinal & aromatic seed used for centuries for numerous health benefits. It's also used by Indian women for stronger, thicker, healthier hair. It’s no wonder Indian hair is used most often for extensions.

It's unique & a scent you'll grow to love. When used sparingly, it doesn't linger & will become part of the experience you look forward too!


The feel of our Reboots is always weightless, non-crunchy or greasy, but how you dry is up to you.

Heat activates & facilitate faster penetration, enhanced repair & added bounce. Although as you continue to use your Reboot, you'll find hair looks incredible air-dried.

People with natural waves or curls will begin to see a restored curl pattern when applying slightly more (still emulsified) to very wet hair, scrunch & twist section, then air-dry or diffuse. The result is weightless, bouncy, non-frizzy curls that shine.

Get More Tips

Formulated so that you use less to extend the usage while getting the results you want!

How long a jar lasts depends on you.

100 mL= 100 large peas.

One full pump is the size of a large pea, about 1 mL. There are 100 pumps per full-size bottle. There are on average 100 leave-in applications but some people will use less & some more.

•Use less if hair is thin, short or focusing more on scalp. (ie, you may prefer only 1/2 a pump as a leave in).

•Use more if hair is thick, long, or using as a weekly overnight treatment.

On average:

•A 100 mL full-size jar will last 3 months.

•A 15 mL travel-size jar will last 2 weeks.

Usage amounts will vary depending on your preferred use, hair length, density & damage. Start with 1 pump as a leave-in & adjust as needed.

save me from age acceleration for thicker healthier hair
save me from how to use for hair repair results
save me from hair repair made with fenugen with fenugreek for hair benefits
save me from hair repair made with fenugreek for hair benefits
save me from hair repair treatments for heat styled hair
save me from thermal obsession hair repair

Your leave-in bond-builder just got a huge upgrade.

  • No fillers, just loaded with good-for-you ingredients.

  • An energy boost to activate scalp & thicken hair.

  • Rebuilds bonds, restores strength & reduces breakage.

  • No silicones to block benefits or weigh hair down.

On a mission to make your hair healthier, day-by-day.

  • Measurable Results

    Lab-tested & proven to rebuild strength & elasticity, boost moisture & add shine.

  • Scalp Activating

    Powered by caffeine & natural ingredients that activate a healthier scalp.

  • Intentional Ingredients

    Cruelty-, paraben-, sulfate-FREE & more with lifelong safety key.

  • Dermatologist Tested

    Inspired by high-performance skincare + research-backed for hair.

NOT conditioner. Transformative concentrates.


before using save me from my hair was frizzy and damaged


save me from chemical conflict after use results

Sharing their love.

save me from hair products reviews
save me from hair products reviews
save me from hair products reviews
save me from hair products reviews
save me from hair products reviews
save me from hair products reviews

It's safe to assume that SAVE ME FROM is ALWAYS part of Rosie's hair because she loves the product. I have her stacked so she never has to go without! She uses it even when I don't tell her too!

Johnny Lavoy, Celebrity Stylist to Rosie Perez & Miranda Lambert

I love the thermal obsession mask, it helped my curls be revived and is such a versatile product. I love using it as a leave in/curly hair product... I kempt getting compliments, that mask is a LIFE SAVER.

Nawel Abdelaziz, Celebrity Stylist to Sutton Stracke

This is a must for myself and clients...I never knew how much product my hair actually held onto until I used [SAVE ME FROM] Product Overload, and TRULY felt my scalp and strands were clean and detoxified!

Genevieve Garner, Celebrity Groomer to Derek Hough

Working out, ESPECIALLY when wearing protective styles or wigs can have your hair and scalp dehydrated, dull, and tangled. This is not the case for my clients thanks to SAVE ME FROM SUN + SWEAT. This is how I combat all of that.

Ro Morgan, Celebrity Stylist to Naomi Campbell

I have been using the Chemical Conflict as my leave in/styling primer...My hair feels GREAT!!!!!! Feels strong.

Cesar Ramirez, Celebrity Stylist to Ciara,

[SAVE ME FROM] AGE ACCELERATION works in African American hair to give uniform curl patter and [SAVE ME FROM] POLLUTION ASSAULT is the PERFECT way to give some oil-like shine.

Grace Phillips, Celebrity Groomer to Shane McGhie
save me from hair repair treatments
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