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The first hair treatment collection that powerfully combats every specific source of damage

Balancing beauty, tip to root.

Our patent-pending Fenugen™ technology is the next generation, multi-layered, tip-to-root hair beautifier.

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Clean Ingredients
Nature-Identical & Nature-Derived Preservatives
Earth Harvested Colors
Elegant & Sophisticated
Silicone Alternatives

Carefully balancing every ingredient for purity, performance and with your wellbeing in mind.

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“…The best part is if you don’t know which one to specifically buy to target your biggest problem you can get the deluxe mini kit and try every single one…”


After each use, I noticed my hair looking more bouncy, smoother and having a healthier shine. I already noticed less hair loss the more I use it!...I have a confession—I washed my hair more often just so I can use this...


I feel like it's a facial for my hair.


My hair feels so clean and not weighed down anymore.


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