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What is a Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot?

Concentrated cream-to-serum bonding treatments for hair regrowth & clinically proven to help thicken hair & reduce breakage. Concentrates transform into a silky serum when emulsified-with-water & are best used as a daily leave-in you stick with for 3 months or more for best results. Great as a weekly overnight treatment. Not conditioners nor masks, transformative treatments that make hair like new.

Who is a Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot for?

Anyone who wants healthier hear can benefit from a Save Me From Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot. Our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots are appropriate for any age, gender, hair texture or level of hair damage.

Why are your product names the negative, like Age Acceleration or Chemical Conflict?

The product names are actually Tip to Root Hair Reboot. Chemical Conflict & Age Acceleration are collection names (yes, more products to come). But you're right, they do sound a little negative. The name should be read Save Me From Chemical Conflict to emphasize it's been specifically formulated to fight the hair concerns associated with chemical damage - bleaching, coloring, perming, relaxing - & "reboots" your hair like new with our exclusive Fenugen & Bond Reboot technology. We don't conflict with chemicals, we just know we sometimes feel a little internal conflict when comes to chemically treating our hair. Rest assured, you don't have to feel that way when using Save Me From Chemical Conflict Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot.

How much Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot should I use?

Our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots are concentrated bonding cream-to-serums. In short, a little goes a long way.

For scalp, use 1/4 pea-size on average.

For hair, use 1 pea-size on average as a leave-in treatment (think of it as a leave-in styling primer that helps your hair, rather than damaging it).

As an overnight hair mask, use about 6 pea sizes on averge.

The average usage amounts will vary depending on your hair length, density & level of damage. Start with our above recommendations & adjust as needed.

Can I air-dry my hair instead of blowdrying?

Hair can be air-dried & then heat styled for optimum results. If heat is not used, the technology will still repair & replenish ionic bonds, but covalent bonds are better restored with heat.

How long will a jar last?

Our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots are formulated so that you use less to extend the usage while getting the results you want!

How long a jar lasts depends on how you use it!

100 mL= 100 large peas.

One full pump is the size of a large pea, about 1 mL. There are 100 pumps per full-size jar. There are on average 100 leave-in applications, but some people will use less and some more.

•Use less if hair is thin, short or focusing more on scalp. (ie, you may prefer only 1/2 a pump as a leave in).

•Use more if hair is thick, long, or using as a weekly overnight treatment.

On average when used for hair + scalp benefits:

•A 100 mL full-size jar will last 3 months.

•A 15 mL travel-size jar will last 2 weeks (& much longer if just using on scalp).

Usage amounts will vary depending on your preferred use, hair length, density & damage. Start with 1 pump as a leave-in & adjust as needed.

Are results immediate?

You will notice immediate results inside & out! Your hair will be stronger & more resilient against damage while looking & feeling healthier but with continued use, you'll notice less breakage in the shower & may notice your hair fill in overtime.

What happens after I get the results I want? Can I stop using my reboot?

Once you start, don’t stop. You know how you brush your teeth every day so your teeth don’t fall out, use should use your reboot everyday to create the best environment for your hair’s survival.

How often should I use my Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot?

We recommend using your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot as often as possible to rebuild & restructure your hair. Once your hair is in a healthy condition, it's important to continue to nurture your scalp. We recommend a good nightly scalp massage & an overnight treatment at least weekly to maintain your results.

How does a Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot work?

We’ve enhanced time-tested Ayurvedic rituals with a patented scientific process, & created a breakthrough, multi-layered vector that’s able to renew compromised areas of the hair & scalp. Our technology works by:

•Traveling deep into the innermost layers of the hair to construct a 3D network that rebuilds bonds for immediate repair, strength & lasting resistance against breakage.

•Suspending between the inner cortex & outer cuticle to restore internal hydration that enhances elasticity.

•Smoothing hair at the surface for enhanced shine & color preservation.

•Replenishing the scalp with in-depth nutrition to active thicker hair & lessen hair fall.

Is my Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot safe to use on hair extensions?

Yes, your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot can be applied to hair extensions. e recommended avoiding direct application on tape-in extensions.

Should I use a clarifying shampoo before using my Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot?

Your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot should be applied to clean, damp hair & does not need to be applied to clarified hair. However if you use a lot of styling products that can build up or contain silicone, occassionally using a clarifying shampoo is great way to reset & detox your routine.

Do I need to use conditioner before my Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot? Can I replace my conditioner with it?

Yes, your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot should be applied to freshly washed & conditioned hair. There have been people with very fine hair who've had success using this as a conditioner but for most people, it is not a recommended replacement for a rinse out conditioner.

Can I apply styling products with my Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot?

Yes, you can use your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot with other styling products in your hair care routine. We recommend applying your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot immediately after washing your hair, waiting 10 minutes, then applying other desired treatment & styling products before styling as usual.

Applying other products before your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot could impact its performance & your results.

Should I apply an oil after my Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot?

Many oils contain silicone to help reduce frizz & detangle. Silicones can also build up on the hair making it look flat. We view silicones as a cruch to achieving your healthiest hair, thus we do not include silicones in our reboots.

In severe cases of damage or for those with fine hair, silicones may be necessary & can be layered, sparingly, as your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot helps improve your hair within.

Always apply your Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot first.

Can I over proteinize my hair with Save Me From products? Does it contain protein or keratin?

No. Our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots will not over proteinize your hair. Our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots contain signalling amino acids in every product. Some products, such as Save Me From Chemical Conflict contain vegan proteins as well as biomimetic keratin sustainably sourced from sheep's wool. These products have been skillfully formulated with lipids that help restore ceramides in the hair's cell membrane complex. This allows all our formulas to the strengthen your hair & improve elasticity without overproteinizing or causing brittleness.

Will Save Me From products weigh down my hair?

No, our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots will not weigh down your hair when used as directed.

Are Save Me From products safe for color or chemically treated hair?

Yes, our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots are safe for color & chemically treated hair. They are designed to help strengthen your hair in-salon & at-home to preserve & rebuild your hair bonds.

Are Save Me From products sulfate free?

Yes, our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot are sulfate free.

Are Save Me From products paraben free?

Yes, our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots are paraben free.

Are Save Me From products cruelty free?

Yes, our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots are cruelty free.

Are Save Me From Products silicone free?

Yes, our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots are silicone free.

What is the fragrance in Save Me From Products?

The fragrance in our Tip-to-Root Hair Reboot all possess a natural maple undertone due to the high concentration of Fenugen (from fenugreek) alongside fresh notes of citrus.

What is the pH of Save Me From products?

The pH of all Save Me From Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots is within a range of 4.4 to 5.

Can I use two Save Me From Tip-to-Root Hair Reboots at once?

Yes, there are many benefits to mixing & matching Save Me From based upon the damage you put your hair through & the style you're looking to accompolish. Since everyone's hair is different, we suggest playing with the products so you can get a feel for how they perform. We find people will have a main go-to formula to use on most days but will change things up based upon what you do to your hair, for example, you just got that fresh bayalage. Better reach for Save Me From Chemical Conflict.

Do you have a quiz to help me decide?

We used to but we found people like it better when we have a real person help them out. Simply use our chat to tell us a few things about your hair & we'll help you out!

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