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10 Easy Valentine's Day Inspired Hairstyles You'll Fall In Love With

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and we love celebrating our love of healthy hair

Valentine's Day is one of our favorite occasions to dress up and glam up with these super cute + simple hairstyles you can wear all year long!  No matter your plans this Valentine's Day, we've compiled our favorite hairstyles you can rock this Valentine's Day and every day. Whether you're looking for quick and easy hairstyles, half-up/half-down hairstyles, wedding hairstyles, hairstyle accessories, or hairstyles for all hair types we've got you covered! Click below to read more and watch video tutorials on how to recreate these beautiful and romantic yet easy hairstyle ideas! 

1. Heart Shaped Bun 


This easy step by step heart bun hairstyle is so simple to achieve, despite how difficult it looks! The technique used to accomplish the look of this heart bun hairstyle hairstyle requires twisting sections of hair + strategically placing the pins of hair to achieve a perfectly heart shaped bun. In this heart bun hair tutorial, @dremalczewska uses Save Me From Thermal Obsession as her styling primer + heat protectant along with Save Me From Age Acceleration to give the heart bun hairstyle more hold + fullness for that 3-dimensional heart hairstyle effect! 

2. Old Hollywood Waves


Inspired by the look Danielle Priano created on Cara Delevingne for the 2020 AMAs, these classic Hollywood glam waves are always an effortless + glamourous hairstyle idea that is a classic take on an easy romantic hairstyle idea for Valentine's! Watch the step by step tutorial on how to recreate Cara Delevingne's hairstyle or read the steps to achieve Cara Delevingne's hollywood waves hairstyle! 


3. Heatless Waves 


The key to achieving healthy, hydrated hair not only involves using a heat protectant to hydrate + protect hair from heat damage, but also phasing out excessive heat styling. We're seeing a lot of heatless curl tutorials on social, and love the look @beautybygg_ easily achieves using Save Me From Chemical Conflict as her leave in styling reconstructor + curl defining cream. 

4. Flat Iron Waves


@beautybygg_ mimics natural waves + textured hairstyle by creating these fluffy flat iron waves using Save Me From Thermal Obsession and a flat iron! The key to creating waves with a flat iron is starting sectioning hair in diagonal sections, working from the back to front of the hair in small sections to get defined curls with a flat iron.

Pro tip: For defined and bouncy curls with a flat iron, hold the flat iron horizontally to hair, working the flat iron back and fourth down the length of the hair for fluffy flat iron curls. 

5. Defined, Bouncy + Hydrated Curls

We're loving Skylar Steckar's long, luscious curls for a romantic Valentine's Day look. To achieve this look, @scottkinghair uses Save Me From Thermal Obsession to get Skylar Steckar's bouncy, hydrated, and frizz-free curls! 

6. Half-Up Dutch Braided Hairstyle 


This super easy half-up do with French braids is so simple that anyone can achieve! This braided half-up do look will make your hair + hairstyle to look it's very best on your special day!

7. Voluminous Spiral Curls on Blowout


For this look, Triniti Alysse uses Save Me From Thermal Obsession to blow out her hair, starting the spiral curls from the bottom of her hair to the top. For this look, Triniti uses a 1/2 inch curling wand and in this particular style, uses curling iron to curl the curls away from the face for a defined, bouncy, uniform look to her curls. 

Pro tip: For more definition and volume, separate the larger spirals to achieve a more bouncy, voluminous look. 

8. Miranda Lambert Bombshell Blowout


For Miranda's CMA Carpet + performance bombshell blowout, celebrity hairstylist Johnny Lavoy  “chose Save Me From Age Acceleration to enhance volume and revitalize Miranda’s hair. It’s great because not only will it soften the hair, but it also gives me some volume. As a pro tip, I recommend using ½ to 1 pea size amount on clean, damp hair focusing application mid shaft to roots. Then, blow dry lifting hair up to add volume,” says Lavoy. The "Next step is a classic round brush blow out to give the hair shiny bounce. Then to get the soft relaxed wave, I went in with a large barrel curling iron and put in a soft bend by alternating the barrel up and down.” As Lavoy’s final steps, he "used a boar bristle paddle brush to brush the style in place. Then, I finish and hold with hair spray.”

9. Sleek + Sophisticated Blowout

Starting on towel dried hair, McKenna applies 1 pump of Save Me From Thermal Obsession from mid-lengths to her ends, focusing the little remaining product to treat the scalp. Comb through the hair to detangle and to evenly saturated the strands. Next, take a blow dryer, pointing the dryer down the hair shaft, and rough blow dry to reduce styling time. For a more sleek, straight appearance, take a paddle brush and run your brush down the hair strand with the blow dryer pointed down. Comb through, and reveal your healthy, silky and shiny straight hair! 

10. Perfect French Braids + Waves 

In this tutorial, David how he uses Save Me From Sun + Sweat to remove buildup on the hair from sun, sweat, and chlorine. Starting application David divides the hair into four sections, applying 1 pump of product per section, focusing application on the ends to mid-lengths, and twisting her hair to seal the cuticle. Combing through the hair from the scalp to the ends for even distribution, David smooths the hair back to prep the French pigtail braids.

To begin the braid, take a section of hair and divide it into 3 equal sections. Starting with the top strand, cross it over into the middle, then repeat on the other side, taking the bottom strand and bringing it over the middle section. Repeat this pattern by crossing the side strands over the middle, but gradually pick up small sections of hair to incorporate into the top strand, taking these two sections + putting them together. Repeat crossing the side strands over and into the middle, while picking up sections of hair to incorporate into the braid for a defined French braided hairstyle.