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5 Tips To Refresh Your Fall Hair Routine

Summer has officially come to an end, and as much as we dread to leave behind the sunny days lounging by the pool, it also means that fall is on the horizon which has plenty of seasonal perks like comfy sweaters, breaking out our favorite boots and indulging in pumpkin spice-flavored EVERYTHING (including your hair - Sun + Sweat is like a pumpkin spice indulgence in a jar, that restores your hair!). 

With the temperatures dropping, it's time to switch up your haircare routine. The cooler weather in fall brings drier, colder air - which can make your hair dry, frizzy, weak and unmanageable! Fortunately, we have some tips that will help you maintain your healthy hair all throughout the autumn + winter season. 

1.) Quench Dry + Parched Strands with Moisture 

It's vital to add in a nourishing + hydrating hair treatment mask which will condition your ends and restore hair with moisture to give hair a healthy, lustrous shine from within! Consider using a deeply hydrating hair treatment, like Save Me From Thermal Obsession at least once a week to combat dryness that leaves hair brittle, weak, prone to frizz + breakage. Just adding in an intensively conditioning treatment in your hair routine, and treating yourself to 30 minutes of self-care (for you + your hair!) will keep hair healthy + strong all season long. 


2.) Invest in New Styling Products 

We know that using heat styling tools causes all sorts of damage to our hair, especially in the colder + drier months. To help combat this damage, it's important to always use a heat-protecting hair treatment (Save Me From Thermal Obsession doubles as a hair moisturizer + heat protectant up to 450 degrees!) whenever you're using hot tools, but investing in styling products that nourishes the hair (not creating a cosmetic coating that gets rinsed off) that provides hair with a healthy balance of hydration + nourishment is crucial! Using a quality hair treatment, like Save Me From Age Acceleration, thickens hair naturally with bioactive milk molecules + super charged antioxidants (like tara fruit + organic sunflower sprouts) helps to restore hair with ceramides that hydrates and protects the hair's lipid barrier - restoring softness, bounce + youthfulness to the hair. 


3.) Get a Trim + Seal The Ends  

No matter the season, getting a trim or haircut is essential to clean up damaged + split ends! After the summer months, hair can become dry, damaged + fried. If the ends of the hair are damaged, this can cause the hair strand to split and travel up, damaging the hair strand, making the strands weak + prone to breakage. Getting a trim every 8 to 12 weeks helps to leave behind the damage, and using a strengthening + split end sealing treatment, like Save Me From Chemical Conflict, will help preserve strength, reducing split ends + damage that can lead to weak, brittle hair that is prone to breakage. 

4.) Combat Frizz + Flyaways with A Leave-In Treatment 

Frizzy hair, unfortunately, is not exclusive to the summer months. While the excessive humidity may not longer be an issue, the static frizz caused by the heat + friction of hats and scarves can be just as problematic for your hair - also resulting in dried hair that is prone to breakage! To keep hair sleek, smooth + tame flyaways, try adding an an smoothing treatment like Save Me From Pollution Assault, that nourishes hair with antioxidants + seals the cuticles, forming a protective barrier around your strands to help lock in moisture (and lock out frizz), while blocking out damaging pollutants that damage + lift the cuticles that can lead to breakage + unmanageability. 

5.) Upgrade Your Scalp Care Routine

 Make sure to invest in products that help to gently clarify the hair + scalp of environmental toxins like pollution and smoke, while helping to preserve the natural oils + lipids in the hair and scalp. Save Me From Product Overload, uses three gentle purifying agents such as two forms of activated charcoal + kaolin clay, while infusing hydration from dual weight hyaluronic acid to help keep your scalp + strands hydrated, weightless and feeling softer.