FashionSnoops Features SAVE ME FROM - SAVE ME FROM

FashionSnoops Features SAVE ME FROM

save me from hair care line with age acceleration product overload pollution assault chemical conflict thermal obsession sun and sweat tip to root hair reboots
Our line was featured in FashionSnoops, the prestige trend forecaster. We were honored to have our line of Tip to Root Hair Reboots featured as an up and coming damage specific hair treatment line and grateful that others are into our mission as much as we are!
While you'd need a subscription to view the piece, here is a part of what they said:
SAVE ME FROM considers all common hair concerns - breakage, dryness, dullness, fading, thinning, frizz, unmanageability, and scalp irritation - signs of hair damage that require rapid attention. Exposed every day to heat damage, environmental stressors, product build up, and physical strain that compromises the entire hair shaft, our hair needs targeted solutions to recover. SAVE ME FROM solves these problems by getting to the root of the problem. Six potent treatments, ranging from issues like "Product Overload," "Thermal Obsession," and "Age Acceleration" fix hair issues from root to tip, rehabbing the scalp as well as the health of mid-lengths and ends. -FashionSnoops, August 2019