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What is a Champi? Indian Scalp Massage For Hair Growth | SAVE ME FROM

Indian head massage, also known as champissageis one of the Ayurvedic beauty rituals practiced in India for over 2,000 years to promote a healthy scalp + facilitate in hair growth. This Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic practice of medicine called Ayurveda, which aims to balance the body's energies to promote a long, healthy life. This champi head massage is one of the most simple yet effective beauty treatments for healthier hair; whether enjoyed as part of a luxurious spa treatment or performed at home as part of your essential Dinacharya (Ayurvedic daily routine), this practice has many benefits.

The Benefits of A Champi Head Massage 

Indian scalp massages have tremendous therapeutic action as well as being an essential relaxation technique. In conjunction with a warming treatment oil the benefits are:

  • Promotes hair growth by increasing oxygen and improves in the hair follicles 
  • Eliminates dandruff and nourishes the scalp
  • Restores hair strength and shine
  • Supports the nervous system by alleviating stress
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins

In synchronicity with our guiding principles at SAVE ME FROM, this practice really is creating beauty and wellness inside and out.

How To Do A Champi Head Massage At Home

  • Begin with adding warm water into a needle nose bottle.
  • Add 3-5 pumps of your choice of any SAVE ME FROM scalp + hair treatment into the bottle, and shake until the cream is dissolved into a milky tonic.
  • Massage the treatment in small circular motions all around your scalp for 5 minutes, using our diagram above to work the oil from the center of your head towards the front and back. 
  • Lastly, move your fingers to the very top of your head, the area associated with the crown chakra, again massage in a circular direction for just a minute.
  • To finish and ensure the benefits of this nurturing practice absorb properly into the body, wrap your head with a warm towel and rest for at least ten minutes. 
  • Rinse or wash the hair treatment from your hair, and repeat this ritual at least twice weekly for the beauty benefits!