NIKE "In My Feels" Shoes by Liz Beecroft

In case you haven't heard, NIKE is taking on mental health by the shoelaces. Designed by Liz Beecroft, the NIKE Air Max 270 React (cleverly nicknamed the "IN MY FEELS") shoes sport a lime green color with a zig zag NIKE swoosh on the side. On the tongue, you will find a multicolored flower and the words "Have a Nyc Day" while on the heel says "In My Feels". 

What we love about these shoes

It's probably obvious why we love these shoes. Besides the general support for mental health awareness and a portion of the proceeds going toward the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we love their intricate style and understanding of the mental health message. For example, green is the color of mental health awareness. The zig zagged swoosh symbolize the roller coaster ride that is mental health and wellness. Not to mention that we adore the very person who designed these shoes.

"IN MY FEELS" designer, Liz Beecroft

Liz Beecroft is an inspiring assortment of interests, hobbies, and career choices. With a license and master's in Social Work she provides psychotherapy and offering self-help words of wisdom on her instagram stories like "surround yourself with people who get it". When she isn't helping others feel their best, she is influencing via Instagram (with an impressive 13k+ following), shooting hoops, and collecting sneakers. She is also huge about bashing the stigma of mental illness and can be incredibly honest about her own struggles with depression and anxiety. 

An impressive response

Coming out with a limited-edition sneaker is always a little risky. Some shoes turn into a cult classic, others widely popular, while some barely scrape by with a few purchases, ending up on outlet shelves. The reaction to the "In My Feels" sneakers did not disappoint. When she posted their availability two days ago, she received comments like "I can't wait to buy a pair!" and "These are extra special to me. Hope to get on another release."


So, while these shoes are already sold out (only took two days!), we will be keeping an eye on them to snag a few when they are available again. 

Want more ways to benefit mental health? We advocate for suicide prevention causes, so you know that whatever purchase you make with us will not only repair your hair from damage but also benefit those in real crisis. 


*images courtesy of Instagram @lizbcroft