Get the scoop on what is in our scalp + hair treatments! - SAVE ME FROM

Get the scoop on what is in our scalp + hair treatments!

Are your current hair products doing enough to fix damaged hair? When people hear about our scalp + hair treatments, they want to know why we bother making them damage specific and how they work to fix damaged hair. We could talk all day about the historical benefits (link to Ayurveda article) of our ingredients, or how we formulate them with a clean conscience (link to clean conscience page) but at the end of the day, our science and results speak for itself. Each hair product is proven to offer multiple benefits.  


What is a Reboot?

Reboot is our way of saying that our multi-use scalp + hair treatments will restart and revive your hair! Most hair products can only ever claim to change the “look” of your hair since the solution they offer for your hair damage is just a “band-aid” type of fix. Our products can do so much more than that. Not only will your hair look and feel healthier, but our studies show that our products will actually fix damaged hair bringing it back to a near-virgin state!*

What does clean conscience formulating mean?


As an educated customer, you probably have a lot of questions about what we put into our masks and what those ingredients will do: the good and the bad. That’s why we make a point of letting you know that what we put in our masks, we do with a clean conscience. We make sure all of our ingredients live up to a high standard of purity and performance. This is what we’ve come up with:

  • IFRA Compliant Fragrances

    • Fragrance makes a world of difference when using a beauty product. You want to not just look beautiful but smell beautiful and feel like you look forward to using the products that you use on a regular basis. We like to go by the International Fragrance Association Code of Practice. This means that all of our fragrances undergo rigorous testing for safety, toxicology, and allergens. Our fragrances are used at levels that are safe for your use and are safe for the environment.
  • Nature-Identical & Naturally-Derived Preservatives

    • Our preservatives don’t just preserve the integrity of our formulas, they provide you with benefits as well, such as antioxidants and soothing properties. We made sure to carefully choose ingredients that would be safe for all types of skin and hair.
  • Organic & Bio-Based Ingredients

    • Our products are silicone and paraffin free. Instead, we chose to use plant-based, eco-friendly murumuru, babassu, and fermented sugars to detangle and smoothen.
  • Earth-Harvested Colors

    • Among our beautiful colors are pearl, turmeric, henna, mica, and titanium dioxide. No synthetics, and each color gives a unique experience to using our hair masks.

What is eco-extraction?

Rather than go through all of the technical parts of how this works, I will give you an overview and you can view the website on your own here. In short, the green eco-extraction process that we chose for our natural ingredients is a physical process that yields high concentrations of the oil from the plant without the oxidation that often occurs in an extraction process. This ensures that all of the benefits of the plant are included in the extraction to give the absolute most to our products and your hair.


What are the ingredients in SAVE ME FROM scalp + hair treatments? 

SAVE ME FROM™ Pollution Assault Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

Strengthens, Hydrates, Adds Shine, Nourishes, Combats Free Radicals (aka Pollution!) PLUS Added Boost of Nourishment 

  • Hybrid hair + scalp treatment designed to repair damaged hair caused by pollution, smog, smoke + dust
  • Antioxidants for hair + vitamins for hair found in Chia, Artichoke + Rice promote healthy hair, revitalizing + nourishing
  • 78.2% stronger hair*
  • 111.7% more hydrated hair*
  • 82.7% more shine*
  • 95.65% less split ends*
  • 134.4% more flexible hair*
  • 18% more nourished scalp*
  • Scented with a burst of citrus and slight zing, this velvety blue Reboot is uplifting and fresh.

SAVE ME FROM™ Product Overload Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

Adds Shine, Thickens, Hydrates, PLUS Detoxifies

  • Hybrid hair + scalp treatment designed to repair damaged hair caused by product buildup + balance oiliness
  • A detox cleanse, purifying, texturizer made with Black Kaolin, White + Bamboo Activated Charcoal + Hyaluronic Acid
  • 138% thicker hair*
  • 59% more shine*
  • 108.5% more hydrated hair*
  • 48.2% stronger hair*
  • 84.78% less split ends*
  • Scented with an intriguing, earthy scent, this whipped, glossy black Reboot creates a unique warm feeling.


SAVE ME FROM™ Sun + Sweat Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

Strengthens, Hydrates, Adds Flexibility, PLUS Smooths

  • Hybrid hair + scalp treatment designed to repair damaged hair caused by sun, sweat, chlorine + hard water
  • A deep conditioning treatment for smoothing tangle free, silky hair made with Micro-Proteins, Ume Apricot + Rosebay
  • 83.6% stronger hair*
  • 125% more hydrated hair*
  • 40.3% more shine*
  • 89% less split ends*
  • 140.6% more flexible hair*
  • Scented with a beachy coconut cinnamon scent, this soft pearly pink, whipped Reboot tingles as it melts on contact. 


SAVE ME FROM Age Acceleration Tip to Root Hair Reboot

Thickens, Strengthens, Reduces Split Ends, PLUS Volumizes

  • Hybrid hair + scalp treatment designed to repair damaged hair caused by aging + excessive damage exposure
  • Milk Molecules, Licorice, Tara Fruit + Sunflower Sprouts helps improve hair volume with this dry scalp treatment
  • 203.9% thicker hair*
  • 145.3% more flexible hair*
  • 87.3% stronger hair*
  • 123.4% more hydrated hair*
  • 95.65% less split ends*
  • Scented with a timeless citrus tea scent, this platinum, ultra-weightless Reboot is tantalizing. 


SAVE ME FROM™ Thermal Obsession Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

Adds Flexibility, Hydrates, Reduces Split Ends,  PLUS Moisturizes

  • Hybrid hair + scalp treatment designed to repair damaged hair caused by blow dryers, curling irons + flat irons
  • A heat protectant, hair moisturizer for sleek hair made with Brown Algae, Hyaluronic Acid + Exotic Oils + Butters
  • 201.1% more hydrated hair*
  • 91.3% less split ends*
  • 84.1% stronger hair*
  • 54.8% more shine*
  • 171.9% more flexible hair*
  • Scented with a cool, calming citrus-mint scent, this densely whipped golden Reboot will make your hair glisten. 


SAVE ME FROM™ Chemical Conflict Tip to Root Hair Reboot™

Reduces Split Ends, Hydrates, Improves Flexibility, PLUS Exceptionally Strengthens

  • Hybrid hair + scalp treatment designed to repair damaged hair caused by chemicals in bleach, dyes + relaxers
  • A keratin hair treatment to repair severely chemically damaged hair with Vegetable Proteins, New Zealand Wool + Rooibos
  • 97.8% less split ends*
  • 76.8% stronger hair*
  • 184% more hydrated hair*
  • 57.4% more shine*
  • 145.3% more flexible hair*
  • Scented with an intense fresh floral scent, this iridescent purple, rich cream Reboot is a transcending experience.


How do you use a Tip to Root Reboot?

Because this is a product designed to repair hair damage, and not just a “styling” product, there are so many ways that it can be used. It could depend on your hair or your preferences or the extent of the damage in your hair. No matter which way you use it, it will benefit your hair. However, here are some ways we and others have used our products:

Pre-Poo Treatment

This is when you put in a more generous amount of the treatment before shampooing, let it sit for maybe up to an hour, and then rinse and wash your hair normally.

Overnight Hair Treatment

This one might require a shower cap, but this option will do wonders for really damaged hair, since the benefits only get better with it staying in longer! After getting up in the morning, just rinse and be on your way! Most people only do this about once or twice a week. It’s a great way to treat yourself to self care while you repair your hair.

Conditioner Replacement

This is a good way to maintain that virgin hair look after you’ve already done some serious repairing of your hair damage. Depending upon your hair, you can use the reboots as a conditioner replacement. For medium and course hair use once or twice a week in place of conditioner. For finer hair prone to tangling, use more often or as an added booster after shampoo and conditioner.

Leave-In Conditioner

This is by far the most popular. After washing and conditioning your hair in the shower as usual, many women will then put some reboot on the ends of their hair (where most of the damage and hair breakage occurs) and then a little bit throughout. This is a great way to get the full benefit without a huge amount of work.

Ultimately, what we’ve found is that most women will use different products in different ways. For example, I love to use the Product Overload as a pre-poo mask to detoxify for a bit in a bubble bath, and then use Sun+Sweat as a conditioner replacement. My favorite leave-in conditioner is Thermal Obsession. 

Our founder LOVES being active. When she’s out in the sun, running marathon distances, she like to apply Sun + Sweat as a pre-poo (she keeps a healthy amount in for her whole run) and rinses afterwards. About a week before a balayage appointment, she uses Chemical Conflict to prep her hair against the damage to come and continues to use Chemical Conflict for a week after as an overnight mask.

We all have different hair, and we all may have different kinds of damage, but we do all have damage! So, take your own needs into account when you are experimenting with our products and deciding which one to use and when! With regular use, your stylist will be impressed by the condition of your hair the next time you visit the hair salon! (At least, that’s what we keep hearing from our testers!)

So, now that we’ve told you how we can help you fix your damaged hair, why don’t you give it a try?


*Results based on variable vs control study on usage of Save Me From Tip to Root Hair Reboot products containing 2% Fenugen treated, damaged hair vs untreated, damaged hair compared to virgin hair.