The Full + Fluffy Trio Tips & Tricks - SAVE ME FROM

The Full + Fluffy Trio Tips & Tricks

Our Full + Fully bundle is a fan favorite for a reason, so we've decided to put a list together of all our tips and tricks to make sure you're making the most of this magical bundle!

Save Me From Product Overload 

Tip #1: We like to think of this pre-shampoo as a detoxing face mask, but for your scalp! This pre-shampoo is meant to be a weekly detoxifying pre-wash treatment, of can added to your regular shampoo for an invigorating, cleansing boost. 

P.S... For a spa-like cooling sensation, place this pre-shampoo in your refrigerator for about 1-2 hours before using!

Pre-Wash ApplicationUse Product Overload as your Pre-Shampoo Detoxifier. Five to 10 minutes before showering, blend a pea size amount between fingers and massage on dry scalp. Using a little water, blend another pea size and gently slide product down throughout hair from scalp to ends. After 10 minutes, begin shower. Note: Warmth is normal.

Detoxifying Shampoo Boost Application: Just add 1 pea size of Save Me From Product Overload to your shampoo, lather in the hair + rinse.  When washing your hair, focus the cleansing mostly on the scalp. Washing the mid-lengths to ends can dry hair out, especially if your hair is already prone to dryness.

Tip #3: If you're an avid dry shampooer or use hair spray often, this pre-shampoo is the best for getting rid of product buildup. To best get rid of the buildup, make sure to thoroughly massage the entire scalp with the shampoo.  


Save Me From Sun + Sweat 

Tip #1: If your hair is prone to dryness, we recommend following up after cleansing with a deeply conditioning treatment on your ends to add in some extra moisture. Our Save Me From Sun + Sweat treatment nourishes the strands post-wash, and restores elasticity by deeply conditioning strands. 

Conditioning Treatment Application: Towel dry hair, and blend 1 to 2 pea sizes of Sun + Sweat as a lightweight conditioner (or layer under your conditioner for a moisture boost). Allow to steam to maximize penetration, and rinse. 


Save Me From Age Acceleration 

Tip #1: This miracle worker can be used as an intensive thickening hair treatment overnight, as as weekly leave-in treatment, or daily styling refresher.

P.S... Think of Save Me From Age Acceleration as an anti-aging serum that you use every night on your face, but this is one is for your scalp and hair! Always make sure to dilute the concentrated formula with a little water before applying for seamless application. 

Thickening Styling Primer Application: Towel dry hair. With wet fingers, blend ½ to 1 pea size of Age Acceleration and apply as leave in scalp + hair repair treatment. Starting from back and bottom of hair and working with remaining small amount into scalp. Air dry or heat style.