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7 Winter Hair Care Tips for Curly + Natural Hair

The cold, dry air makes already-dry hair even more dry. Hats, scarves, and hoods may look cute until they start to slowly break down any definition of your curly hair into one clump of frizz! Beat the dry winter season + keep your curls protected, moisturized, curly + defined all season long with these 7 tips! 

1. Protect Your Natural + Curly Hair with Silk 

Your curly hair need extra pampering in the winter season more than ever since your curls are in a drier, more fragile state. One of the easiest steps to winter proof your curls and keep your natural hair hydrated + healthy all winter long is to upgrade to a fancy silk pillowcase or wear a hair cap while you sleep! The smooth silk fibers will prevent hair breakage and frizz while you’re sleeping on your soft locs!

Silk has been used for centuries to create beautiful fabrics, but did you know that all of Save Me From Hair Repair treatments contain proteins from silk, helping to give hair the ultimate silky feel + strength? Read more on the benefits of silk proteins for healthier, softer and stronger hair! 

2. Implement The LCO Method

If you haven't already, introduce your hair to the LCO method! The LCO curly hair method refers to three forms of products in the order in which they should be layered onto the hair for maximum moisture retention: Liquid (water), Cream (something as thin as leave-in conditioner or as thick as a styling cream), and Oil (a hair oil that seals all the moisture in).

Save Me From treatments are light, silicone free and are designed to be layered! Consider layering a versatile treatment, like Save Me From Age Acceleration that can be used daily as a lightweight styling cream + leave-in reconstructor to help keep your curly hair nourished and moisturized all day, and season long! 

3. Flaunt Protective Hairstyles 


@trinitialysse Protective Hairstyle


Now more than ever, take advantage of the extra time indoors and practice protective hairstyles with your natural hair! Protective hairstyles like buns, braids and twists help to keep the ends of hair up and out of the way. Not only are these super cute styles to wear, they're also protecting your fragile curls from the cold weather + further damage by cutting down on tangles, breakage, and frizz. Watch Triniti Alysse use this twist out style to help protect + define her luscious curls with Pollution Assault

4. Upgrade Your Outwear Accessories 


Although wool hats and scarves are so warm and cozy, they can cause more problems for your strands by tugging and pulling on your delicate curls which can lead to breakage and more damage! One of the best trends + products ever invented are these satin-lined beanies to cut down on the friction that leads to breakage. Satin doesn’t absorb moisture or create as much friction as other fabrics like cotton and wool, so your curly hair truly stays protected and smooth while it’s covered up. 

If it's cold enough to wear a beanie, don’t forget that heat from the indoors can lead to dryness and heat damage to the hair + scalp, so don’t forget your Save Me From Thermal Obsession to reinfuse hydration back into hair, while offering heat + frizz protection all day long!

5. Invest in High Quality Hair Care

Invest in quality ingredients in your hair care regimen while you’re shopping for silky pillowcases, satiny winter accessories + hats! As the temperatures drop, it's crucial to invest in ingredients that pack natural, moisturizing ingredients to help nourish + protect your hair. Using a a generous amount of moisturizing ingredients like rich butters and oils, along with silk protein will make a noticeable difference in the health and softness of your curls immediately. Make sure your hair products are sulfate-free, and contain active ingredients like keratin, hyaluronic acid, and babassu oil to help moisturize and keep dry, frizzy hair at bay.


6. Indulge in Weekly Treatments 

Don’t save your hair treatments for a special "once-in-a-while treat"! Treat your hair + indulge in a concentrated hair treatment packed with active ingredients, nourishing butters + oils that lock and seal in hydration to your curls! Depending on how dry your hair looks and feels, we recommend applying a Save Me From Hair Repair + Scalp Care treatment as an intensive overnight hair repair treatment at least once a week, and as a light-weight leave in treatment every three to four days to rehabilitate curly strands back to life. 

7. Invest in a Humidifier

Humidifiers can be a life saver for curls, and are a great way to counteract winter dryness by infusing moisture into the air (a.k.a, your hair)! A humidifier will add moisture to the air and back into your hair, making an improvement to the hydration of your hair and skin thanks to the increase in moisture! 

Pro Tip: You can try to extend your shower sessions, letting your curls revel in the steam while you’re conditioning or wearing your quality hair treatment! Just make sure that the water isn’t too hot — or you’ll just end up re-dehydrating your skin and hair in the end.