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4 Glamourous Holiday + Party Hairstyle Ideas

The Holidays can be an exciting (and hectic) time of the year, and with all of the gift planning + wrapping - we hardly have had time to plan ideas for our hair!

Today, we're sharing our super quick + easy go-to Holiday + party hairstyles where you can watch step-by-step (and read) how to achieve our favorite glam hair styles this season!

Sleek or Fluffy Flat Iron Curls

Curls with a hot iron is a trick professional stylists have been using for years, including our good friend (and celebrity hairstylist) Tasha MUAH who used a flat iron to create these waves on Ruby Jay for the CBS hit sitcom 'The Unicorn'. Watch as we share a simple step-by-step tutorial to follow along with, or follow the steps below to achieve natural looking curls that LAST!

For Sleek Curls

Step 1: For this style, Tasha MUAH recommends using a flat iron with standard 1-inch plates + saturating strands with a heat protectant beforehand (she likes the Thermal Obsession moisturizing treatment + heat protecting cream).

Step 2: Next, feed a section of hair through the open flat iron, clamp the plates down about an inch or two from the roots, and then wrap the section around the iron once, sliding it down the length of the section. Pro tip: hold the flat iron nearly vertically to create big, bouncy curls! 

Step 3: When you’re finished curling throughout the hair, comb through the curls when they've cooled to soften and then backcomb slightly to enhance the shape, resulting in a polished, glamourous look!

For Fluffy Curls

Celebrity hairstylist, Genevieve Garner, shows step-by-step how to get these sultry + fluffy waves with a flat iron!

Step 1: To get the look, take a 1-inch section of hair, and clamp the iron and slide it down the length of your hair, rotating your wrist back and forth.

Step 2: As a finishing touch add a shine enhancing treatment, like Save Me From Pollution Assault and run a comb through your locks to smooth flyaways.

Heatless-Beachy Mermaid Waves


The perfect beach waves don't always require a curling iron + mermaid waver! Wave goodbye to the hot tools, with this heatless wave hairstyle tutorial using our Holi-sleigh Heatless Waves Bundle!

Step 1: For the most defined, beachy waves - start with towel-dried, freshly cleansed hair. Divide hair equally in 2 sections and apply 1 pea-size amount of Save Me From Sun + Sweat on each section, starting at the ends and work up to the mid-lengths, combing through to ensure equal distribution.

Step 2: Begin braiding hair + tie off with an elastic. After hair has fully dried, you can undo the braids + break apart the waves with your fingers until you've got a loose beach wave.

Step 3: Seal the look off with our shine enhancing treatment, Save Me From Pollution Assault, for extra shine + protect hair throughout the day! 

Holiday Bombshell Blowout 

 Achieve the perfect Bombshell Blowout at home with our Best Blow Dry: Frizz-Free + Glassy Hair Bundle! This kit gives the ultimate frizz-free, liquid hair reflecting blowout with chic volume + show-stopping shine!

Step 1: After freshly cleansing hair, towel-dry + blend 1/2 to 1 pea size of Save Me From Thermal Obsession and as leave in heat protectant + hair repair treatment. Pro tip: Use an additional pea size of  Save Me From Thermal Obsession as an added layer of heat protection.

Step 2: Rough blow dry the hair until 75% dry.

Step 3: Divide hair in three sections, starting the first section from ear to ear. Taking a round brush, take 2 inch wide sections of hair + raise the hair up while blow drying to body + volume. Repeat this process throughout each section of the hair.

Step 4: Apply a pinch of Save Me From Pollution Assaul throughout hair to add shine, tame flyaways and boost hydration.

Pro tip: Repeat after every wash to see continued improvement in hair and scalp from tip to root, inside and out.