Cara Delevingne's American Music Awards Hairstyle Styled by Danielle Priano - SAVE ME FROM

Cara Delevingne's American Music Awards Hairstyle Styled by Danielle Priano

Cara Delevingne is a bombshell blonde using Save Me From Hair Repair

Cara Delevingne’s hairstyle rocked the fashion scene on her 2020 American Music Award’s carpet debut. Inspired by Delevingne’s own retro retreat, Delevingne’s entire glam squad made a very Debbie Harry meets Helmut Newton vibe come to life. Danielle Priano, the New York-based hairstylist of the stars, explains how she’s, “protecting her [Delevingne’s] hair with all the goodness” found in Save Me From hair care.

How to get Cara Delevingne iconic hair she wore at the amas

Presenting the nights most glamourous hair with a new, emerging hair brand, Priano explains why she selected Save Me From to treat and style Delevingne’s hair, “I tried Chemical Conflict myself as an overnight hair treatment and loved the results. My clients put their hair through a lot. From changing the color to enduring so much heat styling, I knew Save Me From would be the perfect treatment to repair and restore their hair. It wasn’t until after speaking with the brand’s founder, April Peck, that I learned about their mission for suicide prevention. Since Cara has been candid about mental health and her mission to end suicide, Save Me From was not only the perfect product for Cara’s hair for the AMAs, I thought she’d also love the mission behind the brand.”

Cara delevingne's Soft, silky, bright and healthy hair with save me from  

Recreate Delevigne's Classic Glam Wave With A Modern Twist 

Priano explains the key step she took to strengthening and revitalizing Delevingne’s classic Hollywood glam wave, “The night before, I applied Chemical Conflict from root to tips as an overnight treatment before glam to strengthen the hair and prevent any breakage! It really makes the hair feel so silky.

Step 1. I began by prepping the hair with a volumizing spray at the roots to add more structure and volume to the hair. I put a touch of Thermal Obsession [for heat protection, anti-frizz, and restore hydration] through the ends.

Step 2. I then blow dry the hair with a natural bristle brush to get plenty of shine while over directing the hair for extra volume.

Step 3. I had to add some extra density, so I applied clip-ins of her color just for volume. I then cut the hair to match her length.

Step 4. I began waving the hair from the bottom up with a 1 1/4-inch iron, my personal favorite GHD, making sure to wave all the hair in the same direction. After each wave, I pin with a non-crease PSxDanielle clip to let cool.

Step 5. Now the fun part! I remove all the clips and brush out the hair with a Mason Pearson brush until all the waves come together. When I get to the top, I spray dry texture spray for more control and to help set the look.

Step 6. As the style is set, I use a card and clip to hold the waves in place until final touches are done. Of course, I finish with the strongest hair spray possible!”


“We were thrilled that Danielle selected Save Me From to help create Cara’s look,” says Peck. “Cara’s hair looked equally strong and silky, just like she is equally fierce and feminine. We align so well and love the difference she’s making in promoting mental health and empowerment.”