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8 Spring Hair Trends You Must Try with SAVE ME FROM Scalp Care + Hair Repair Treatments

The spring season is the perfect time for a change to shed the winter hair weight and get out of a hair styling rut! With the weather warning up, we're starting to get bold going lighter + brighter, trying vivid hair colors, and shorter locks to prepare for the summer. Keep reading to see our favorite hair trends to try in 2022!

1. Bombshell Blowout 


If you like a head turning hairstyle - this style is made for you! We are obsessed with McKenna's voluminous blow out and big bouncy curls from The Bubbly Blonde! The key to achieving this look is to start with a high volume blowout. Don't forgot your silicone free heat protectant, Save Me From Thermal Obsession! For thickness + added volume at the roots, apply Save Me From Age Acceleration on damp hair, targeting most of the product on the ends working up to treat the scalp to for soft hair with major body, volume and bounce!

2. Soft Voluminous Curls 


Editorial hairstylist, Sophie Hsin, is the queen of fresh, soft and modern hairstyles. Sophie is a fan of Save Me From Thermal Obsession as a protective hair treatment as a styling foundation on her clients delicate strands, "it leaves the hair silky smooth and shiny!". For this soft polished look, start with a voluminous blow out and then add in large curls throughout the lengths and ends. To soften the look, brush through the curls and spread them into place for extra body and bounce! 

3. Slicked Pony 

A chic + slicked back ponytail is a fierce style always on trend! Editorial hairstylist, Barbara Lamelza, always make sure to prep her clients hair with the right products to reset the hair from damage caused by heat styling. Use Save Me From Thermal Obsession on damp hair for a styling foundation for this sleek look that protects and replenishes hydration into the hair with every use, with the bonus of instantly sleek + smooth hair with sustained frizz protection.

4. Fashion Hair Colors  


If you're looking to rock a vibrant + colorful hue this spring, this fashion color created by hair artist Breanna Jane is right up your alley! For the most vivid results, your hair will have to undergo a bleaching process in order to have the brightest color + vibrancy pay off. Leave the hair bleaching to your stylist, and the bleached hair repair to Save Me From Chemical Conflict, infused with keratin + hydrolyzed protein to penetrate into the layers of the hair, strengthens and repairs the broken disulfide bonds from bleaching and hair coloring.

5. Pixie Cut 


Ready to cut the winter hair weight? With brighter (and warmer) days ahead, it's the perfect time to shed some weight in our hair! Kristina Angelina's short pixie cut, and bold platinum blonde gives us all a pixie hairstyle we absolutely adore, she loves using Save Me From Chemical Conflict to keep her bleached hair healthy + strong by using it as a "mask or as a leave in, which can give me the opportunity at using it at different strengths depending how much my hair needs! This is a must have product!".  

6. Heatless Beach Waves


No one wears a beachy, undone + texturized wavey hairstyle better than hairstylist, Deanna Stagliano! She loves using Save Me From Sun + Sweat and Save Me From Pollution Assault as an alternative to drying sea salt sprays to enhance this natural wavy texture, with no salt or crunch! To get the look, gently comb through towel dried hair and apply 1 pump (approx. a walnut size) of Save Me From Sun + Sweat and begin to scrunch the product in the ends of hair. Next step, take 1 pump of Save Me From Pollution Assault as a sea salt spray alternative to get that undone, beachy wave texture we're all obsessed with and can't get enough of!

Pro tip: Clip the middle part up to raise the roots while air drying to ensure height + volume in your part!

7. Square Bob Cut


Not only is Deanna Stagliano the Queen of beachy, undone waves - she is also an incredibly talented hair stylist and colorist! Short hair is all of the craze right now in 2021 hair trends, and this sleek square bob is an iconic style to wear as the weather starts to heat up. For an effortless, undone texture, try Save Me From Age Acceleration for added volume and thickness to get a style that holds! 


8. Braid Hair Bun

Editorial makeup and hairstylist, Kerre Berry, shares this structured braided top knot bun as her go to style that's quick and so easy to style! Start off brushing the hair up into a bun at the top of the head.

Pro tip: use hairspray, or pomade to keep hair in place, and use braided wefts for additional thickness and volume.

Next, Kerre takes the hair to make it into a bun and secures it in place with a Bobby pin. With the braided hair weft, secure it around the bun close to the head using the rubber band that the hair is held together with. Finally, braid the hair forms in 2 sections and wrap the sections across the back of the bun and then bring them back to the front. This secures the hair around the hair bun and can twist and wrap your bun with the braid hair securing with hair pins for a long lasting, sophisticated style.