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Get Your Healthiest Hair With These 7 Proven Hair Care Tips

A New Year is almost upon us, and opens up new opportunities for us to prioritize our health + wellness! In the year ahead, our New Year resolution is is to be as kind and loving to ourselves as possible, and that includes lots of self-care, and wellness (including our scalp + hair!). 

Hair wellness is based on the science that hair wellness starts at the scalp, addressing the root cause of hair stress by counteracting damage based on specific actives damaged + depleted strands need. 

The number one hair wellness habit you can start in 2022 is to support your hair health with nourishing ingredients, that replenish the scalp + hair with essential nutrients hair needs to thrive. On top of that, you can enhance your hair wellness with self-care and lifestyle habits to keep stress in check through self-care + following a nutritious diet. Keep reading to learn our best tips for 2022 hair wellness! 


1. Adopt Good Sleeping Habits 

Adopting + maintaining good sleeping habits helps to minimize cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which ultimately impacts hair growth + health. Maintaining a consistent sleep-wake cycle (aka having a schedule of when you go to bed + wake up) with an average of seven to nine hours of sleep per night is essential to the health of your hair, your body + brain! 

2. Use An Overnight Scalp + Hair Treatment Weekly 

Overnight hair masks are known for their ability to rehabilitate damaged hair into softer, more conditioned hair by morning. If you’re already in love with what a Save Me From hair treatment can do for your hair as a leave-in, you might want to take it to the next level with an overnight scalp + hair treatment for the ultimate hair wellness experience!

Our Save Me From scalp + hair treatments can be used to target a specific or wide range of hair ailments:

  • Product Overload purifies the scalp + hair, clinically reversing damage caused by chemical treatments and thermal stress by promoting hair softness, hydration, reducing hair breakage, and reducing scalp flaking.
  • Age Acceleration is rich in powerful antioxidants that restores the resilience of hair, reduces oxidative stress that leads to hair thinning + hair loss by neutralizing free radicals from pollution and UV.
  • Thermal Obsession tames frizz + infuses hair shafts with moisture.
  • Pollution Assault nourishes the scalp + adds a glossy shine to your hair.
  • Chemical Conflict repairs hair from chemicals (bleach, hair color, chemical treatments) and reduces hair breakage.
  • Sun + Sweat protects the scalp + hair from UV radiation + copper induced damage from hard water and chlorine.

Once you know what type of hair + scalp treatment you want to use, follow these steps on how to apply the Save Me From overnight treatment mask to your hair here!

3. Ensure You're Getting High Quality Protein In Your Diet Every Day

Proteins are an essential building block in promoting healthier, stronger + longer hair.  According to a Harvard Health study, the recommended daily intake for protein is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The quality of protein sources is equally as important and don't forget to get plenty of protein from plants too.  

4. Exercise + Strive for Daily Movement

Exercising is known to help with sleep, stress, and metabolism all of which are key to healthier hair. Whether you love high impact fitness or just prefer nature walks and bike rides, carving out time to exercise and release endorphins will pay dividends to your well-being. If exercise isn’t a part of your routine already, start slow and experiment until you find what’s enjoyable to you!

5. Use Multi-Functional + Nutrient Dense Hair Products

There are days when dry shampoo is a necessity, however excessively using styling products formulated without benefice ingredients and fillers can harm hair health, build up, clog hair follicles, and affects hair health + growth. Instead, replace unnecessary styling products with hybrid styling products full of richly nourishing ingredients for the scalp + hair. To help minimize the amount of styling products in your beauty cabinet, opt for multi-functional products like Save Me From Thermal Obsession that hydrates + doubles as a heat protectant, Save Me From Age Acceleration that thickens, volumizes while also counteracting the effects of aging! 

6. Practice Mindfulness + Kindess

This New Year, try scheduling more time for mindfulness and kindness! Taking just 15 minutes of mindful activities, such as meditation or yoga, helps to fend off chronic feelings of stress and help with overall wellness (for body + hair!). New studies suggest that training in mindfulness may help us show more kindness, care and compassion toward others. Practicing mindfulness can be a daily practice  in the form meditative hobbies like gardening, reading, and crafting. 

7. Be Conscious of Heat Styling 

Heat styling hair can cause heat damage that leads to dehydrated strands that are less flexible, causing the dreaded split end + breakage. You don't have to eliminate heat styling your hair entirely, just be conscious of what hot tools you're using + how often you're heat styling! Using ceramic hot tools, or tools that have even heat distribution can be less damaging to the hair. Never forget to apply a thermal heat protectant (our favorite is our moisturizing hair treatment, Save Me From Thermal Obsession) and keep the temperature below 400 degrees. You can also try heatless curls to minimize damage + protect hair from heat. 

In conclusion, you can enhance your hair wellness with self-care and lifestyle habits by keeping stress in check, eating right, exercising + engaging in self-loving activities. Make a resolution this year to prioritize your hair wellness + self-care routine with our scalp + hair wellness products that restore hair health + gives back, donating 10% of our proceeds to suicide prevention charities and helplines for those in crisis. On top of that, you can find more content on our blog geared toward better mental health practices + living a healthier lifestyle in 2022. 

Together, we can #savehairsavelives ❤