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How to Elevate Your Client Experience with Our Hair Repair Spa Protocols

There's no doubt that the spa is a destination for improving wellness. With massage, facials and body treatments being paramount to the spa treatment menu, one area that remains untouched is the scalp and hair health. With SAVE ME FROM's new Tip to Root Hair Reboot treatments, spas can now improve their client's scalp health while repairing hair damage. 

SAVE ME FROM Scalp + Hair Repair Spa Enhancement Protocol 

Get to the root of hair damage and reveal your best hair day. This unique scalp massage treatment offers a Tip to Root Hair Reboot that goes beyond caring for the scalp where healthy hair starts but also works to repair damage throughout the hair. This hair and scalp treatment will help reduce the appearance of split ends while increasing strength, boosting hydration and enhancing shine. This customized treatment replenishes hair based upon the specific source of damage you expose your hair to most. Emerge with hair that immediately softer, smoother, silkier and healthy looking.

Protocol: Suggested to start with scalp and hair treatment at the beginning of massage, facial or body treatment to allow maximum penetration of product.  *Also applicable for facial use.

SAVE ME FROM Men's Beard + Hair Repair Treatment Spa Enhancement Protocol

With very similar steps but catering to your male clientele, SAVE ME FROM has created our protocol that addresses men's thinning hair and rough beard textures in this Men's Beard + Hair Repair Treatment


For more information about offering these spa enhancement treatments to your guests, please complete our Become a Partner questionnaire. A SAVE ME FROM representative will get back to you on getting started.