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7 Tips for Perfecting Your Scalp Treatment + Hair Mask with SAVE ME FROM Hair Damage Repair Treatments!

What is a Hair Treatment?  

How to use a Hair Treatment?

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The Best Hair Mask to Fix Damaged Hair 

After weeks upon weeks of stay-at-home orders and self-isolation, diy hair masks and at-home hair coloring, a lot of us may be saying, “Oops!” It’s time to get serious about fixing hair damage and taking control of your hair care by using targeted ingredients to repair damaged hair. Like our friend Deepika says, “Good hair days are just a mask away!”

The one must-have hair repair product you need is a good hair mask treatment. A hair treatment mask is a great option for treating tangled, dry, damaged hair. Hair mask treatments are formulated to be a deep conditioning treatment you'd get in a salon, that contains rich ingredients such as natural oils and lipids in higher concentrations. The benefits of a hair mask includes increasing healthy, shiny hair, adding moisture to your hair and reducing hair breakage. Before jumping on the hair repair mask diy bandwagon (check out our article on DIY fenugreek hair mask) or investing in a high-tech hair mask option, you need to know our 7 tips for perfecting your scalp + hair treatment application. Read on…

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1. Choose the Right Ingredients: Whether you’re opting for a homemade overnight coconut oil hair mask, a hair mask made with avocado, or you’re purchasing a mask clinically proven to repair hair damage, always know your ingredients. Hair masks should contain a mix of ingredients like proteins to help strength, lipids and oils to help moisturize, and antioxidants to help defend the hair. They should also include ingredients that may not sound as familiar, such as cetearyl alcohol, a long chain fatty alcohol naturally derived from plants like coconut or palm that can help soften the hair and heal dry skin.


Tip: Don’t forget about the scalp! It’s an extension of the skin on your face. A healthy scalp is the first vital step to healthy hair. The skinification of hair care means adding high quality, skin care ingredients that are also proven to be good for the hair. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are a perfect example. Hyaluronic acid is a known humectant in skin care and this ingredient can also help counter act frizz, add shine and hydrate. Caffeine helps to energize the skin all over, including the scalp. Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a stable form of Vitamin C helps brighten and keep skin youthful and also works to help tighten the cuticles for enhanced shine. Certain skin care ingredients will treat the hair while they treat the scalp.
save me from hair products for scalp to improve scalp health and reduce flakiness and hair growth and grow thicker hair

2. Use a Clarifying Shampoo Before Applying the Hair Mask + Scalp Treatment: We get this question all the time. Do I need to wash my hair before applying my hair treatment? We know you barely made it to day-3-hair and now we’re telling you to wash before your treatment. We’re sorry to break your no-wash-winning streak but if you want your hair treatment to perform at its best (and we’re going to go out on a limb and say you do), then YES, you need to wash. Not only do we recommend to shampoo first, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo. The reason- clarifying shampoos are a deep cleanser that aim to remove residue and buildup. You don’t want dirt, grease, and build up to get in the way of healthy nutrients penetrating your hair. Wash first and, if possible, install a shower filter to keep minerals that can build up out of your water and off your hair. Here are some great recommendations for the best clarifiers.

save me from hair repair products how to use and tips on how to use to repair hair from damage bleach damage split ends frizzy hair
Tip: Since clarifying shampoos have a reputation for stripping the hair, you’ll want to limit using them to once every two weeks. We also like to recommend our SAVE ME FROM Product Overload reboot as a pre-shampoo to help reduce build up without stripping hair’s natural moisture.

SAVE ME FROM Product Overload


save me from product overload to combat scalp buildup, fix styling buildup on hair, and gentle detoxifying scalp treatment

3. Section Damp Hair: “Should I apply a hair treatment on dry or wet hair?” When the hair is wet, cuticles open, making product penetration better. Some people like applying their hair treatments to dry hair, but we recommend applying hair treatments to damp hair for best results. Depending upon your hair thickness, length and texture, we also recommend dividing your hair into 3 to 6 sections to make product application easier and evenly distributed.

Tip: In some cases, you may like to apply your hair mask before shampooing and conditioning as a pre-shampoo or pre-poo. Becka does a great job showing how.



4. Apply Tip to Root and Evenly Distribute with Wide Tooth Comb: It should come as no surprise that the ends of the hair are more damaged than the hair at the roots. Hair tips are older and have more exposure to damaging sources. We want to pay special attention to hair from midshaft to the ends BUT we also don’t want to forget about damage that occurs and can affect the condition of the hair from the scalp to midshaft. Depending upon how concentrated your product is, you’ll apply about a pea size per section, up to a walnut size in total. Wet fingertips with warm water, pump a pea size of product, blend between fingertips to warm product between hands and start from ends of hair, use downward motions while inch by inch you work your way up to the scalp. In essence, you’re applying more to the ends (where the hair is more damaged) and less at the scalp. Gently comb each section as you go for even distribution. After you’ve repeated this process per section, apply just one more pump and twist each section to help close the cuticles. Now, you’ll want to note, we’re suggesting you apply your mask all the way to the scalp to offer rich nutrients for a healthy scalp but if you’re not using a SAVE ME FROM Tip to Root Hair Reboot, check your label if scalp application is recommended.

Tip: Stop, pull out your comb and start again if feel resistance. Be very gentle as you comb through wet hair.
woman combing hair with wide tooth comb using save me from hair repair products overnight as an overnight hair mask

5. Apply a “Little Heat”: Yes, high heat can cause damage (if you’re obsessed with straightening or curlying your hair and have heat damage, check out SAVE ME FROM Thermal Obsession), but light heat can help aid in nutrient penetration. After your mask is applied, set your blow dryier on a low heat setting and gently blow dry the hair to allow for product penetration. Or you can use a steamer for about 10 minutes if you have one available.

Tip: When the hair is exposed to frequent high heat, hair health suffers, become very dry and frizzy. Take Ariel’s advice and gives a mask such as Save Me From Thermal Obsession to help combat heat damage.
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It’s getting hot in hair 🔥🔥... • If you’ve been watching my stories, you’d know that I tested out @savemefrom.usa’s Thermal Obsession hair mask last week! My hair is definitely no stranger to heat—I blow dry my hair almost every time I wash it and my go-to hairstyle are soft waves courtesy of my curling wand. Thermal Obsession is formulated to save your hair and scalp from damage caused by heat tip-to-root. • My BEFORE photo shows my 5-day old unwashed, no dry shampoo hair. My hair felt dry and flat. After washing, I put in Thermal Obsession by splitting my hair into 6 sections and massaging the product in from tip to root. I left it in overnight and rinsed it out in the morning. While combing my hair I could instantly tell my hair was already different! It’s usually a tangled mess after the shower, but this time my comb was gliding through the strands! But after I blow dried it was when I felt and saw the full effects of the hair mask. My hair looked and felt HEALTHY. It was soft, shiny, and I was blown away by the results I saw in just one use! • I’m excited to keep using @savemefrom.usa’s products for my different hair needs (there are 6 total) and to start taking better care of my hair (not getting any younger here)! If you want to try out Thermal Obsession or any other products, head over to Save Me From’s website and take their hair quiz for a $30 coupon you can use to get a free 15mL version of any product! Happy shopping! #ad #savemefrom ps. Swipe to the last photo to see a BTS shot of me intensely staring at my hair straightener.

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6. Leave on Overnight: Overnight hair treatments are a great way to get the results you’re looking for. This allows for your high-quality ingredients to penetrate, repair, and restore the hair. If applying your hair treatment overnight is just not an option for you, try following the above steps and leave your hair treatment in for as long as possible. We like to leave it in while cleaning the house or while we’re on a long run (try SAVE ME FROM Sun + Sweat for this). When applying the right amount of the right product, your hair treatment could double as a styling cream that creates amazing braids like those created by the talented team at Twiggs Salon. This takes multi-masking and your hair repair at home to the next level!

Tip: Using an overnight hair mask for hair repair after bleaching is a great way to rebuild bonds and restore hair. For hair repair with keratin, we like to recommend Save Me From Chemical Conflict which include biomimetic keratin proteins derived from sustainably harvested New Zealand wool. After 3 uses as an overnight hair mask, clinical studies show an impressive 97% reduction in split ends.

See here how we use biomimetic keratin proteins

use save me from hair masks overnight to repair hair damage

7. Shampoo your Treatment: Many people believe that if you wash your treatment out with a shampoo, you’ll lose all the beneficial ingredients. This may be true for masks that only coat the hair, but if your hair treatment is formulated with right mix of active ingredients proven to penetrate the hair shaft, it's best to shampoo. Ingredients like coconut oil have a high affinity for hair proteins and offer protection within. They are straight chained with a low molecular weight and can penetrate the hair shaft to provide this protection. This penetration can take up to 4 hours (hence our suggestion to use it overnight). If you’ve left your mask on overnight, you can feel confident shampooing and conditioning the next morning. The ingredients that have needed to penetrate are present and doing their job.


We can’t wait for you to witness the results that your miracle hair treatment can make – when applied following these important steps. Watch how Diane Mary demonstrates just how potent and concentrated our hair masks can be, using only 6 pumps in all to treat her long, curly, thick hair. 

Before you get started, we want to make sure you’re investing your time and your hard-earned money in the RIGHT hair treatment. There are just a few more things you need to know about your typical hair treatment. Read more about what you need to know here.