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How Do You Prevent Hair Thinning and Graying Hair?đź’Ž

What causes gray hair? Aging can be a source of major stress for some people. It’s hard to fathom losing something you’ve had for so long. In fact, many people will spend much of their time and money to completely eliminate signs of aging. Dyed hair to plastic surgery, the anti-aging industry affirms aging is a weakness and should be avoided at great cost.

Aging isn't scary or uncontrollable. Aging is a kind of beauty that comes in its own time and way. However, you can age gracefully, embrace the gray, with purpose and manageability. Age becomes elegance and wisdom and, therefore, purpose in continuously taking care of yourself and your hair.

Shop the best hair repair treatments for thinning and greying hairWhy does hair gray?

Age is a tricky thing - it kind of happens at different stages for different people. Did you know that light hair starts to gray, on average, ten years before dark hair? No wonder as some women gets older, they to improve the look of their hair with hair extensions, new hairstyles, and haircuts. Hair products suddenly become a big part of life, time, and money as many men and women age! So, what is happening to your hair as you age? Why does hair gray, and why does hair get wirier and more unmanageable?

Start by thinking of the history of your graying hair. It’s been around for a long time: 5-10 years depending on the strength and cut of your hair. And it’s undergone a lot of externally damaging forces. Forces such as sun, sweat, thermal heat from blow dryers and straighteners, chemicals, and pollutants. Don’t forget other influencers on our hair such as diet and exercise (be careful, too much sweat during exercise can also be damaging!) Stress can cause gray hair because of melanocytes shutting off. Then, there’s just genetics- some graying is just due to the natural way in which your body ages, with hormone changes and natural hair pigment. While your hair seems utterly doomed, you can start now to turn it all around! You might find that you do have quite a bit of control over what it looks like and feels like as you age.

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”-Sophia Lauren

It is just inevitable?

Most likely. Greying and changing hair is a part of life! But it doesn’t have to mean you give up on stylish, beautiful locks. If you are wanting to age gracefully, we have just the right hair product for you. 

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