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Introducing the SAVE ME FROM™ Hair Despair Kit

save me from hair despair kit

A True 6-in-1 Hair Product Kit

If you’ve seen our how to use grid, then you’ll see that there are numerous ways to use our hair reboots for healthy hair. However, we knew that many people would want to be able to take advantage of our entire line of products, which is why we created our SAVE ME FROM Hair Repair Kit. Looking for a leave in conditioner before a blow dry? You’d want our Thermal Obsession Reboot! Wanting just a good detoxifying hair mask? You’ll need Product Overload.

See, here’s the thing, you took our quiz, you were told you’d benefit most from just two of our products, but that’s only part of the story. You might not care much about Sun+Sweat in the winter, but what about when summer rolls around? Or what if you don’t typically use a blow dryer but you decide to try a new style that requires it? You’d suddenly need our Thermal Obsession! Our lifestyles often depend on things like weather and stage of life! This was something we had in mind when we developed our kit. We wanted to meet your needs whatever they are, in what ever stage of life you’re in! 

hair reboot masks

What’s in the SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit?

Each SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit includes 15 ml Deluxe Mini jars of each of our Tip to Root Hair Reboots. That’s 90 ml of hair repair when and the way you need it!

How do I use SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit?

There’s really no “right” way to utilize the potential of this kit. Our philosophy is that hair is a lot like skin, it requires personalization. However, the current hair care market doesn’t offer that, and you’re stuck with a piece meal, cornucopia of products to essentially just cover up your hair damage rather than repair it. So, keeping that in mind, there are some ways to consider using this kit.

The Tester

Are you the type who loves new experiences? Do you try something for a while and love to tell your friends and family about what it was like? That’s why the kit is for you!  You’ll get to try out each product for much less than if you purchased them individually. Not to mention, even though our products are damage specific, they are also multi-use, so being able to test them different ways might be essential if you’re considering purchasing our bigger sizes! You could use them all as deep-conditioning treatments, but try a few as rinse outs, overnight hair masks, scalp treatments, or some might work well for you as a fly away smoother.

The Routine Optimizer

Okay, if you’re like me, optimizing your time and resources is incredibly important. Routines are essential for that! Once I’ve been to the salon, I like to keep my hair up to that standard as long as possible, incurring as little damage as possible. This involves some lifestyle choices such as how often I wash my hair, but also which products I use and when. I like to do a detox with Product Overload in my hair once a week, and a conditioner supplement with Sun+Sweat about twice a week to smooth brittle hair. Anytime I use my blow dryer or straightener I run a little Thermal Obsession through before and after to treat heat damaged hair. Doing these consistent things have given me the freedom to actually grow my hair out and enjoy healthy looking hair, extending the time between cuts!

The Gifter

This kit is also a perfect way to gift friends and family because of the lower cost. If you were to purchase each of our 15 ml Deluxe Minis individually, it could cost about $178. With the kit, you get 15 ml jars of each product for only $98! They can make great stocking stuffers or included in a spa package for a friend. Seriously, this is one of my favorite ways to use this kit!

hair product kit

How much does the SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit cost?

Like we said, individually purchased, these jars would cost almost $200, but with the kit it’s only $98! (That’s only $16 each!)

The benefits of each of our products are numerous. But nothing really beats the value of giving back- that’s why with your purchase we donate 10% of our net income to suicide prevention. We wanted our company to mean a little something extra than helping women feel beautiful. We wanted you to feel good knowing you were part of an incredible mission to end suicide, as well.


Purchase your kit today (and get 30% off with code: SUMMERHAIR30 Valid July 3rd-July7th, 2019)! We can’t wait to hear what you think about how you are enjoying your healthy, repaired hair!