🎃How to Recreate this Halloween Hair Trend - SAVE ME FROM

🎃How to Recreate this Halloween Hair Trend

Recreate This Fang-tastic Hairstyle in 10 Simple Steps

In need of ideas for a last minute Halloween costume? Save Me From has you covered with our favorite hairstyle trends to try this Halloween! When it comes to last minute Halloween preparations - your hairstyle can be a costume in itself! We partnered with Amanda Pettyjohn who is known for her wild, dramatic Halloween looks and hairstyles, to create this exclusive Halloween look with Thermal Obsession + Age Acceleration that is such an easy look to re-create. Read more to learn how to achieve this frightful look in 10 simple steps.

recreate halloween hair trend step 1 start with clean damp hair  Step 1: Starting with damp hair, apply 1 pump (1 pea size) of Thermal Obsession, lathering into both hands, applying from ends working the product to the midshaft of the hair, concentrating the remaining product on the hands in to the scalp. 


Recreate halloween hair trend blow dry with heat protectant and round brush Step 2: Sectioning the hair, use a round brush blow dry the hair for added body and volume into the hair. 


recreate the best halloween hair with save me from age acceleration hair repair  Step 3: Apply a pea size amount of Age Acceleration lathering between both hands, starting with the ends, and working up through the mid- shaft of the hair to thicken and add extra texture into the hair.

recreate the best halloween hair by emulsifying save me from hair repair and apply to hair  Step 4: Apply the product throughout the hair to achieve more body and thickness to the hairstyle.


recreate the best Halloween hair by backcombing and teasing hair at the roots  Step 5: Start picking up thin sections of hair, back combing + teasing the middle section, teasing at the root for extra height to the hair. 


recreate the best halloween hair looks by poofing to plump and volumize hair  Step 6: Start picking up big sections in the middle of the hair, pulling some pieces at and puffing the sections upwards. Secure with a bobby pin. 
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 recreate the best halloween hair with 3 to 4 plumped up hair sections Step 7: Picking up additional sections of hair, pulling out various pieces and continuing to puff the hair upwards, securing with a bobby pin. 
recreate the best halloween hair looks by pinning sides tightly back  Step 8: Picking up the side sections of hair, secure hair tightly back towards the crown with a bobby pin, pinning hair back and leaving the loose ends of hair out. 
recreate the best halloween hair looks by pinning up all loose ends with bobby pins  Step 9: Any sections that need more support and security, add in a bobby pin to secure and hold the style into place. 


recreate the best halloween hair with hairspray   Step 10:  Pick up hairspray to secure the hairstyle, spraying and pulling on pieces of hair for additional texture and body to the hair look. 


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