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9 Proven Benefits of Niacin (Vitamin B3) For Scalp + Hair Damage Repair

We may already know that taking care of our health starts with consuming the right foods on a consistent basis - and the same goes for repairing the health and condition of our hair! While there’s a wide range of nutrients required in order to maintain optimal hair health, niacin is certainly a key vitamin. 

Required for every component of your body, niacin — commonly known as Vitamin B3 — supports healthier, stronger, thicker, more luscious hair.  When applied topically to the scalp and hair, it can significantly improve the look, feel and health of your hair. 

Whether you’re looking to achieve thicker looking hair or simply maintain stronger, healthier looking hair, here’s the benefits of niacin for the scalp + hair health.

What Is Niacin (Vitamin B3) and How Is It Used in Products?

Niacin, or vitamin B3, is a critical water-soluble vitamin for both your internal and external health. In fact, niacin is required for every component of your entire body! While your general health relies on a balanced intake of nutrients, including all complex B vitamins, niacin is often used for beauty purposes — especially in relation to the skin and hair.

Before diving into the benefits associated with B3, it’s important to discuss the two forms of this essential nutrient: niacinamide and nicotinic acid. Both of these chemical forms have a unique effect on the human body. That is why you should be familiar with the products you use, based on the ingredients they contain.

In fact, when taken orally in supplement form at high doses, niacin can cause what’s known as niacin flush — a side effect that causes the blood vessels close to the skin to dilate, resulting in a burning or tingling sensation. In comparison, niacinamide does not cause this phenomenon.

Niacinamide is a gentler form of niacin, offering benefits for not only the scalp and hair, but also for your skin and eyes! When used in a topical product, niacinamide helps to combat the signs of aging.

In addition, one of the best things about B3 is that it works synergistically with other beneficial nutrients, enhancing the overall beneficial effects. This is why you should invest in quality hair treatments, like Save Me From Scalp Care + Hair Repair, formulated with ingredients that nourish, condition and make the hair visibility healthier in time!

Niacin in Save Me From's Fenugen Technology

Save Me From scalp care + hair repair is the first-ever, damage specific hair repair and scalp care treatments that offer targeted protection + repair from damage caused by chemicals, heat, aging, sun, pollution and buildup.

Save Me From’s Tip to Root Hair Reboots all contain a patent-pending Fenugen technology, encapsulating the rich antioxidant and nutrients of fenugreek seeds. Additionally, fenugreek seeds are rich in protein + high in nicotinic acid which is beneficial against hair fall, scalp dryness and helps to treat dandruff. 

Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds for Scalp + Hair 

Fenugreek seeds contain flavonoids (protects hair from environmental damage), amino acids (building blocks for protein), saponins (antioxidant compounds), alkaloids, and vitamins A, B, C folic acid, iron, biotin, and niacin.  In addition, fenugreek seeds contain fatty acid Lecithin which improves the structural quality in hair, producing hydrated, shiny, and healthier hair. 

With the research on this breakthrough ingredient, Save Me From harnessed the potential of this incredible herb through extensive research on an eco-extraction process that takes the fenugreek seeds, and extracts it to maximize its nutritional benefits in a complex 5x more potent than fenugreek seeds alone.

9 Niacin (Vitamin B3) Benefits for Scalp + Hair Health

Niacin is an ingredient used in everything from shampoos to skin moisturizers, and can help improve the appearance + condition of your skin and hair. 

While niacinamide is naturally found in various meats, eggs, milk, and green vegetables, the benefits of consuming this vitamin orally may not be as quick or effective as a topical scalp + hair treatment, and is highly effective when aiming to administer niacin to encourage optimal hair + scalp health.

Whether you’re trying to improve the moisture balance of your hair or would simply like to improve the visible health of your scalp, here’s what B3-containing products can do for your hair.

1. May Improves a Healthier Condition of Hair Follicles

Niacin has the ability to improve the condition of your scalp and hair, especially when using topical products, offering your hair ongoing and external support.

This is important because hair follicles tend to be extra sensitive and prone to damage through oxidative stressors such as product buildup and pollution. Since the skin on your scalp is much like the skin everywhere else on your body, requiring select nutrients — in this case, niacin. If the scalp (and hair) does not get the nutrients they require for optimal health, hair  loss can occur. After all, your scalp is living viable tissue, so a lack of oxygen and nutrients impacts the hair cells and growth.

2. Promotes the Look + Feel of Thicker Hair 

Did you know that a reduction in blood flow can result in the thinning of hair? As we begin to age, the hair strand's diameter begins to thin and niacin is a key nutrient that helps to promote the look and feel of thicker hair! Niacin aids in the stimulation of new hair growth, and in one key study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the researchers showed that niacin increased hair fullness.

We took a number of approaches with our Save Me From Age Acceleration reboot to restore the hair back to its natural youthfulness. To improve hair dynamics and movement, we utilized ingredients to realign damaged areas of the hair shaft and improved lubricity and porosity. We used strengthening ingredients to reduce hair breakage and splits ends, added nourishing ingredients that improve hair flexibility, and blended with cuticle saving actives that restore shine, smoothness, softness, and manageability. 

3. Increases the Moisture Balance of your Scalp

If the scalp is dry, damaged and inflamed chances are your hair will suffer as a result! Niacin can help prevent dry hair and the development of dandruff by moisturizing the scalp and locking in the hair with hydration. In clinical studies, niacin has been shown to target DNA repair, which could include any potential DNA damage in relation to the scalp and hair from oxidative stressors.

When using Save Me From Thermal Obsession, formulated with hyaluronic acid, marine extracts, and over a dozen silky butters + oils, moisture is locked into the scalp + hair strands, based on niacin’s ability to increase skin proteins and ceramides in the scalp’s lipid barrier, preventing + protecting against dryness. 

4. Improves The Efficiency of Protein Synthesis

Niacinamide increases protein synthesis, also known as keratin synthesis, as reported in this key studyIn fact, the hair shaft is made up of approximately 98 percent protein. This means that a lack of B3 may contribute to the strengthening of your hair and, in turn, impacts overall hair health and growth. 

Topical niacinamide offers a stabilizing effect to the scalp microbiome, while promoting an increase in protein - a nutrient essential in regard to stronger, more flexible + elastic hair. Although facial skin can quickly become damaged by the sun, your scalp is also highly susceptible to damage when exposed to UV rays for an extended period of time. Our solution is Save Me From Sun + Sweat, a sun buffering, chlorine blocking, and hard water fighting reboot that soothes the scalp while protecting and repairing hair damage. In 3 uses, our clinical studies show an improvement in hair's strength by up to 83.6%, an increase in hair hydration by 125%, an increase in shine up to 40.3%, while improving hair flexibility up to 140.6%, and reducing split ends up to 89%!

5. Reduces Scalp Inflammation

There are a number of skin disorders caused by inflammation that can negatively impact your scalp, and hair the growth of your hair. In some cases, autoimmune conditions can cause excessively dry skin and symptoms such as dandruff and itching. 

Researchers found while treating acne that vitamin B3 could help manage inflammatory lesions without any negative side effects. Since this vitamin is safe and effective, topical scalp + hair products containing vitamin B3 may offer a long-term solution to help ease an inflamed  + irritated scalp.

If you often use hot styling tools or color your hair, ensure you apply niacin daily in order to combat inflammation + to rebuild the strength of your hair. Our Save Me From Chemical Conflict scalp treatment contains South African Rooibos in addition to niacin that can offer even greater anti-inflammatory effects to the scalp than vitamin B3 alone. 

6. Protects Against Environmental Damage

Niacinamide is also often studied as the niacin derivative with it's ability to support cell turnover and may help reduce one’s risk of skin cancer, as reported in this 2017 study

Since research suggests that vitamin B3 can initiate DNA repair while increasing the rate of cellular reproduction, treatments rich in this vitamin can possibly support the healing of skin damaged by pollution damage and the sun’s UV rays.

If you live or work in an urban environment, combat oxidative stress from pollution that can lead to hair loss by protecting the hair surface from pollutants with Save Me From Pollution Assault

7. Helps Regulate Scalp + Hair Oil Production

Buildup on the scalp is a concern that not only impacts the appearance and texture of hair, but also its growth. These substances include excess sebum, particulate matter from pollution, dead skin cells, and residue from hair styling products. This can cause inflammation, causing damage to the scalp and can impact the growth of hair. 

Studies have shown that topical niacinamide may impact sebum production and excretion rates. This study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, found that when participants were treated with topical 2% niacinamide, overall sebum extraction rates were significantly lower after two and four weeks.

Since too much oil can cause plugged sebaceous glands, which may become itchy and uncomfortable, it’s important to target your scalp if it’s excessively oily. In this case, Save Me From Product Overload uses Brazilian black clay + European bio active silt to enhance the purifying process by removing excess oil, dead skin cells, and impurities on the scalp through capillary action. 

8. Helps You Achieve A More Even Complexion

Much like the skin on the face, extended sun exposure can cause damage and, in this case, hyperpigmentation to not only the skin but also the scalp! This causes melanocytes (a specific type of cell) to produce melanosomes, which can then impact the pigment of your hair. Although niacin does not stop production, it has been shown to inhibit the transfer of these pigment granules.

9. Supports An Anti-Aging Regimen

One of the main benefits associated with niacin is its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Research shows that niacin can help keep aging skin firmer through its circulation-boosting properties that not only boost hair thickness, but hair strength! It is also important to note that niacin can help combat the thinning of the dermis and epidermis, which occurs as we age  — due to niacin’s ability to repair and maintain healthy skin.

Niacin and hair growth go hand in hand because vitamin B boosts energy and improves blood flow to the scalp. Much like niacin’s role in improving the health of hair follicles, a consistent supply of oxygen must be available to support metabolic, cellular functions. Since niacin has the ability to increase the available supply of oxygen, skin cells can significantly benefit.

Using an antioxidant rich scalp serum + hair treatment formulated with vitamin B3, like Save Me From Age Acceleration, is a solution for hair thinning, delivering body and volume to fine and thin hair, clinically proven to increase hair thickness by 203% in 3 overnight treatments.