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How To Fix Curly Hair Damage

Regardless of your curl type and the type of hair damage to your curls, whether it be damage from bleaching or color treating hair, heat styling, product buildup, aging, pollution, and sun exposure - you will take the same steps to revive your damaged curly hair.

Determine the Root of Hair Damage

First, you need to figure out what is causing damage to your curly hair due to your hairstyling lifestyle which can be determined if you: 

  • Bleach or Color Treat your Hair
  • Heat Style 
  • The Ingredients in your Hair Care Products
  • Oil, Sweat + Product Buildup
  • Hair Brushing
  • Protein Overload - too much protein in curly hair
  • Hygral Fatigue - too much moisture in curly hair 
  • Buildup Chlorine + Hard Water Minerals
  • Your Diet
  • Medical Conditions

If you're experiencing hair thinning, hair loss or scalp irritation we recommend to consult with your doctor to rule out if there is an underlying medical condition as the possible root to the cause of hair thinning, hair loss, and irritation to the scalp. 

Often times it is due to a medical condition, like a problem with your thyroid or an iron deficiency, and other times it can be an allergy, so it's important to consult with a physician to rule out the medical condition as a possible cause.

If you suspect certain ingredients in your hair product are the issue, take a break from it for a little while to see what happens, and know your best course of action to switch up your hair care regimen. Taking a look at the ingredients in your curly hair products to help determine if your hair is lacking moisture + protein. 

Too much protein will make your curly hair dry, brittle, and start breaking - This is commonly called protein overload but it is really chemical damage from overuse of protein.

Too much moisture (also known as hygral fatigue) and your curly hair will fluff and frizz, be too soft, lose its curl pattern, and look dull. 

By overdoing protein or moisture in your hair care regimen this can damage your curly hair, your curly hair routine needs to balance these two nutrients out.

Another cause of curly hair damage is oil, sweat, and product buildup that coats the hair and scalp, which can suffocate + clog the hair follicles so that when the hair sheds, it isn't able to regrow properly until that buildup of debris is removed. 


Fix Your Curly Hair Damage

Based on these sources of curly hair damage + how your curly hair is behaving, you want to start over in your routine and nourish your curly hair with a proper balance of protein and/or moisture based on what your damaged curly hair needs. It's also important to stop using the products that are causing damage and reducing the activities that might be causing even more damage.

Step 1 – Clarify to Remove Impurities + Buildup

To remove buildup on curly hair, a detoxing treatment is especially important to remove impurities + minerals that can build up on your curly hair if not routinely clarified. One of the best ways to gently remove impurities, is using a clay + charcoal hair treatment like Save Me From Product Overload that draws impurities out of the scalp + hair, while replenishing moisture + nutrients your curly hair + scalp needs to be lustrous, light-weight and healthy!

Pro Tip: If you're having scalp issues, like dryness + flakiness, make sure to spend a lot of time scrubbing the scalp to stimulate the follicles + remove buildup more effectively. If you want to create an invigorating scalp scrub, try adding a tablespoon of sugar to Product Overload to treat your scalp. 

Step 2 – Deep Condition with Rich Emollients + Active Ingredients

If your hair is dry, weak and brittle, select a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment like Save Me From Thermal Obsession. This multi-functional hydrating hair + heat protectant treatment helps to deeply condition + penetrate into the layers of the hair to visibly improve the texture, strength + resilience to heat damage. If your hair is particularly dry and damaged, adding a low level of heat will help the moisturizing ingredients penetrate the hair shaft more effectively.

Pro Tip: Use a hot towel or heat cap to add heat while you sheet mask, or do chores around the house! 

If you feel that your curly hair has been over moisturized and it feels frizzy, mushy, and lost its curl pattern - then you may want to look for a balancing hair treatment for protein + hydration, like Save Me From Chemical Conflict. This biomimetic keratin + bond-building hair treatment, uses breakthrough reparative proteins that repairs damaged curly hair inside and out, restoring curly hair back to full health with the proper balance of hydration + proteins. 


Step 3 – Leave-in Styling + Protection 

Selecting products with a balance of protein and moisture is critical to maintaing the health + balance of your delicate curly strands. Using a reparative + nourishing leave in and curl cream to style your damaged curly hair, like Save Me From Age Acceleration, works to help prevent hair thinning caused by aging and functions as a defining curl cream that offers anti-aging hair benefits. 


Step 4 – Protect + Prevent Future Damage

Pay close attention to what other sources are causing damage to your curly hair! Air pollution oxidizes the disulfide bonds, and degrades the lipids in the scalp + hair, which causes structural + surface damage This degradation of the cuticle and cortex leaves hair fibers more susceptible to UV, thermal, and chemical damage. Save Me from Pollution Assault prevents and repairs hair from oxidative stress and restores hair strength, elasticity, hydration, and shine.

In addition to curly hair damage caused by pollution, excessive ultraviolet radiation in the 254-400nm wavelength range can lead to hair shaft's structural damage. This degradation leads to hair protein and pigment loss. Our solution to your curly hair woes this summer while sunbathing, relaxing in the pool, or running on the beach is Save Me From Sun + Sweat. This hair treatment is a sun buffering, chlorine blocking, and hard water fighting reboot that soothes scalp and both protects and repairs hair. You can apply a little as a leave-in treatment to your hair before your swim, run, or sun-drenched adventure to prevent damage or apply liberally after as a rinse-out to repair damage. It helps improve strength by up to 83.6%, hydrates hair up to 125%, increases shine up to 40.3%, improves hair flexibility up to 140.6%, and reduces split ends up to 89%.


Remember that it has probably taken years for your curly hair to get to the level of damage it is at now, so the health of your damaged curly hair will not transform back to it's full health overnight. It's important to be consistent + patient with your hair care regimen. and to stick with a routine of well formulated products of active ingredients proven to restore the health of damaged hair. With time and consistency, you will see it start to see improvements in the texture of your curly hair and watch your curls come back to life before your eyes. 


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