Live Q&A with Celebrity Hairstylist Johnny Lavoy - SAVE ME FROM

Live Q&A with Celebrity Hairstylist Johnny Lavoy

Celebrity hairstylist, Johnny Lavoy, is one of the most sought-after hairstylists to the stars. In an Instagram Live Q&A, Johnny brings his talent to dish out his secrets about getting Rosie Perez's healthy textured waves at the 2021 Golden Globes styled with Save Me From Hair Repair, "It's safe to assume that Save Me From is always a part of Rosie's hair, because she loves the product. I have her stacked so that she never has to go without. She uses even when I don't tell her to!". 

For the foundation of Rosie Perez's 2021 Golden Globes textured waves, Johnny says he needed her hair to be in the best possible condition for the event, "Rosie's hair is very sensitive to heat and because she is always working on different projects, she has a lot of different people working on her hair and it can take a beating, so I'm very careful when dealing with her hair and that's why Thermal Obsession is such a great fit for her" Lavoy says. 

Johnny says it's essential to lay the healthiest foundation for Rosie Perez's hair the night before because "I want the hair in the best possible condition that it can be in, and with Save Me from the longer you leave it in the better it works, that's why I say overnight. What ended up happening was I ended up coloring her hair the day of too...she got a double dose because she was already prepped with it in her hair, so I applied to color right over it and then when we rinsed her hair, and we added just a little more to the ends for heat protection".

Watch the live stream to get celebrity hairstylist Johnny Lavoy's hairstyling expertise, hair care advice and styling tips by the legendary hair mogul behind some of the stars' most iconic looks!