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How to Use our Tip to Root Hair Reboot: The Versatility of Our New Category of Hair Wellness Treatments

How to SAVE ME FROM as an Overnight Miracle Mask, Leave-In Styling Cream & Detoxifying Pre-Shampoo Treatment

How do you get the best hair repair results? What is the best way to fix split ends? What hair products offer strengthening, added shine, help relieve dry hair, nourish the scalp and reduce split ends? Save Me From scalp care and hair wellness treatments are the solution to help repair damaged hair. For best results, we recommend starting out with our Overnight Hair Mask (or what we like to call our Overnight Miracle Mask) application. Save Me From Hair Repair Products are formulated with Fenugen, a patent-pending ingredient that works tip to root to help improve the condition of the hair and scalp.


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 @CurlswithBecka shows how she applies Save Me From Product Overload as a Pre-Shampoo on unwashed hair to help purify, detoxify and remove product buildup. The results are spectacular.  

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1. Pull Tab to Tear Away Damage 
Pull Tab to Tear Away Damage 
2. Dampen or Wash Hair with Clarifying Shampoo
 Dampen or Wash Hair with Clarifying Shampoo 
3. Divide Hair Into 3 to 6 Sections
Divide into 3 to 6 sections
4. Dispense 1 Pump at a Time
Dispense 1 pump at a time
5. Blend Selected Tip to Root Hair Reboot Between Wet Fingertips
Blend Between Wet Fingertips
6. Begin Application at the Ends with More Applied to the Hair Tips
Begin Applying to Ends
7. Work Up Each Section of Hair in a Downward Motion
Work Upward with Downward Motions
8. Repeat Tip to Root Application per Section
Repeat Per Section
9. Like a Good Eye Cream, Apply Only a Small Amount on Scalp
Apply Small Amount on Scalp
10. With 1 Final Pump, Twist Each Section to Seal Cuticle
Twist to Seal Cuticle
11. Evenly Distribute with Wide Tooth Comb
Evenly Distribute with Wide Tooth Comb
12. Wrap Up Hair, Add Low Heat or Steam to Accelerate Results
Wrap Up
13. Use Hair Cap if Desired, Product Will Absorb Overnight
Use Hair Cap if Desired
14. After at Least 90 Minutes, Shampoo + Condition - Then Re-Rinse with Cold Water
Wash with Shampoo + Conditioner
15. Apply 1 Pump As Leave In Styling Treatment Cream After Every Wash
Apply 1 Pump as Leave In Styling Treatment Cream
16. Apply Small Amount Tip-to-Root Focusing on Ends (Using Less Product than Overnight Hair Mask Application)
Focus on Tip to Root
17. Blow Dry + Style to Protect + Repair Hair Throughout the Day
Blow Dry and Style
18. Get Beautiful Healthy Hair from Tip to Root with SAVE ME FROM. 
Beautiful healthy Hair

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