NYC Beauty Influencer, Kristina Angelina, Shares Save Me From Chemical Conflict in Her Silver Hair Routine - SAVE ME FROM

NYC Beauty Influencer, Kristina Angelina, Shares Save Me From Chemical Conflict in Her Silver Hair Routine

"This will bring any hair back to life!" 

Kristina Angelina, NYC Beauty and Lifestyle influencer, shares Save Me From Chemical Conflict in her silver hair routine lineup to maintain her hair health through bleaching, toning, and preserving her grey, silver hair color!

Save Me From Chemical Conflict is a bond-building hair treatment with keratin that reduces split ends by 97% in three uses as an overnight hair treatment masque. Chemical Conflict's richness in protein makes it the most strengthening and is best for brittle, dry + frizzy hair. Formulated with biomimetic kertatin, hydrolyzed carob + vegetable proteins to restore strength + resilience to chemically damaged hair, and an antioxidant rich tea plant (South African Rooibos) helps with scalp sensitivity and inflammation. 

Kristina shares that she loves using Save Me From Chemical Conflict to keep her bleached hair healthy + strong by using it as a "30 minute hair mask or as a leave in, which can give me the opportunity at using it at different strengths depending how much my hair needs! This is a must have product!". Watch her full review in the video below!

The Ayurvedic Spice That's Changing Everything

It's worth mentioning the hair reparative benefits of Fenugen. Inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, we've harnessed the fenugreek's rich phytonutrients including medium and long chain fatty acids, terpenoids, polyphenols, phospholipids and vitamins A, C and B variety vitamins and paired these with bio-boosters like ubiquinone (also known as Coenzyme Q10 for hair), organic karanja (also known as pongamia) and medicum chain triglycerides (MCT’s derived from coconut). Through a patented eco extraction process, we've magnified these phytonutrients into our clinically proven technology. Fenugen possesses the rich nutrients of fenugreek seeds in a complex 5x more potent in polyphenols. These nutrients include Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin C and more. Fenugen is a good source for important biothiols that protect your hair from oxidative damage and rebuild disulfide bonds. Bleach, color, chemical services & heat cause internal disulfide bonds to break, leaving your hair weak, brittle & damaged. With Bond Reboot’s creatine, ionic bonds are also restored, making the hair stronger even when wet. Our Reboots quickly reduces split ends and reduce hair breakage while nurturing new hair that’s more resistant to future damage. With consistent, long-term use, hair bonds are rebuilt, hydration is restored helping to reduce frizz, the scalp is energized and nourished from within allowing hair that's more resistant to damage to emerge. Rooted in Ayurveda, our Fenugen is clinically proven to transform hair from tip to root, inside and out.

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    "I'd be lying if I said I only use one Save Me From hair treatment. However, the one I use most often & that I give credit to restoring my hair after cancer is Save Me From Age Acceleration. I make a point of applying a smidge to my scalp every day."

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