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The Biggest Summer Hair Trends in 2021

Some of the hottest hair trends are making a MAJOR come back this season, for instance the latest trends are emerging from the 70's like mullets, curtain bangs, layered shags! For Summer 2021, we've rounded up some of the hottest hair cuts, hairstyles, colors AND accessories that are taking TikTok by storm!

Glass Hair 

We've seen the glass skin trend all over social media, so why not level up to glass hair with a mirror like finish that's healthy from within?! To get long lasting shine, it requires the right hair care and styling techniques to keep hair's natural mirror like reflection. Forget shine enhancing styling products that just coat the hair for a temporary shine, and pick up Save Me From Pollution Assault for long lasting shine AND repair!

For incredibly smooth, soft AND shiny that has a high shine, glass like luster, prep the hair with a heat protect like Save Me From Thermal Obsession and a shine enhancing treatment (and hair oil alternative) like Save Me From Pollution Assault on damp hair, and use a blow dry brush to completely blow dry the hair to help smooth out hair to prep for this sleek style.

After drying the hair, smooth out locks with a comb and flat iron to get silky straight, high shine hairstyle with these tips from celebrity hairstylist, Sabrina Porsche!



Beach Waves 


This Summer (and every Summer) beach waves are always in style, and this effortlessly chic look is in trend no matter the time of the year! For a low maintenance style, select an alternative product to the typical beach waves created by sea salt sprays that can make hair feel dry, crunchy, and stringy! Since Save Me From treatments are so versatile, you can dilute the formulas into a DIY tonic that you can add to a spray bottle so you can get that beachy wave, while also treating your hair with nourishing + rich active ingredients that repair while also doubling as a styling aid.

Try Save Me From Sun and Sweat, a UV, chlorine, AND salt water protecting treatment, diluted in a spray bottle to get natural, heatless beach waves WHILE protecting hair from free radical damage from UV rays that fade hair color, make hair dry and lackluster. 


Hair Accessories - butterfly clips 

The 70's are not the only decade making a resurgence in 2021 Summer trends! If you've been feeling nostalgic for 90's hairstyles + accessories, a variety of 90's trends are making their comeback! For a chic take on the 90's butterfly clip trend, hairstylist Rochelle Kole added these gold plated butterfly clips for a chic take on this nostalgic trend! 

Heatless Hairstyles


What's cooler than keeping hair effortlessly styled + embracing your natural hair texture without the damage from styling?! As temperatures in Summer continue to rise, having the tools to create a heatless hairstyle has never been more appealing! Check out celebrity + editorial stylist, Genevieve Garner's tutorial on how to achieve heatless waves overnight with Save Me From Chemical Conflict as a reparative treatment that doubles as a styling pomade to lock in your style, and hair color vibrancy! 


Hair Jewelry


In addition to oversized clips, bows and barrettes -  there are nostalgic jewelry pieces you can use as hair accessories! Whether that means going through a junk drawer or through an old jewelry box - there are many ways you can repurpose these items into hair accessories!