5 Reasons you NEED to try our SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit - SAVE ME FROM

5 Reasons you NEED to try our SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit

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Here's the thing, our reboots are like chips, you can't settle with just one. Our testers have agreed whole heartedly that testing more than one showed them what their hair really needed, and many enjoyed the fun of building their own hair routine. Not only that, but many of us have hair that endures several types of damage, so we need to combat more than one damage source! In this article, we will show you how multi-masking may be the most beneficial for battling your hair problems, and getting your hair back to a healthy, shiny, strong state!

We’ve compiled a list of all of the ways that others have used our reboots. Here’s the gist of it. Our reboots have been used as a leave in treatment, overnight mask, pre-poo mask, rinse out mask, conditioner alternative, styling foundation, finishing treatment, hair refresher, detangler, and texturizing cream. Phew! Can you believe it? The thing is, not only has your hair been through a lot (and we mean A LOT) but everyone has different hair: long, short, medium, thin, thick, light, dark, and everywhere in between. AND everyone has different goals: some want longer hair, some want thicker hair, or thinner hair, or lighter hair. But a lot of people have had to make compromises with their hair goals because they weren’t able to get the results they wanted.

We care about your hair goals!

Because, believe it or not, we’ve had our own hair goals, too (and sometimes those goals change frequently!) We were tired of dealing with flat, dry hair, hair breakage, and split ends. Not only that, but we were tired of wandering around the beauty aisle trying to create the right concoction of hair products only to find that we weren’t getting very far. Since creating our SAVE ME FROM Tip to Root Hair Reboots, we’ve felt like our hair potential has been released and we can enjoy doing our hair, again!

So, what is multi-masking?

Multi-masking can include a regimen of using a few different reboots a few different ways throughout the day and week. For example, when we get questions about how to treat dry hair, we want to know more about why that person’s hair is dry. Do they dye it or bleach it or neither? How often do they use hot tools? Is their hair sun-damaged? Answering these questions can help know how to REPAIR the hair damage, not just add extra hydration like most haircare products. So dry hair due to bleach would probably involve using our SAVE ME FROM Chemical Conflict reboot as an overnight mask with follow-up refreshers. But, dry hair due to bleaching and hot tools would benefit most from using SAVE ME FROM Chemical Conflict as an overnight mask, with adding SAVE ME FROM Thermal Obsession as a leave-in and styling foundation.

Ultimately, it really isn’t enough to just have products that offer more moisture or volume, etc. because the reason behind why it’s damaged is the key to repairing it. 

Take it from one of our case studies.

One of our followers was experiencing hair breakage and dryness due to a variety of factors: bleach, sweat, pool water, and hot tools. Her hair was dry, frizzy, and full of split ends. She got so tired of her hair thinning at the ends, that she decided she was just going to have to keep it short the rest of her life if she wanted her hair to look healthy. She started using SAVE ME FROM Chemical Conflict, because of her bleach damaged hair. She’s noticed a significant difference in the health of her hair since she’s started using it as an overnight and leave-in mask. See the difference for yourself in the photos below! Of her experience using SAVE ME FROM Chemical Conflict Tip to Root Hair Reboot, she says:


“I felt like I saw real serious impact and improvements about a week and a 1/2 of using the product! My hair is highlighted and so the blonde can feel real fragile and dry. This stuff is a game changer for me. I would highly recommend it and will continue to use it!” -Kylie S.

frizzy damaged bleached hair 

healthy bleached hair

For some people the solution is just avoiding damage. Maybe they have a routine of no dye or bleach (because they were blessed with amazing color!) they air dry, never use straighteners or curling irons and never comb their hair when wet. They wear hats when out in the sun and avoid getting sweaty as much as possible. Phew! That sounds rather exhausting, and not very fun, and like the type of person who just has naturally great hair and enough time to avoid damaging her hair on a consistent basis (at least until the effects of aging set in!)

5 Reasons you NEED to try our SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit

Okay, so hopefully you see the benefit of multi-masking for your hair, so now we will get down to the 5 reasons why you need to try our SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit.


  1. Damage is everywhere.You might try to avoid it, but damage comes from the inside and outside, and your hair may not be the most resistant to it. Having a few different damage repair products on hand can be a true hair saver if your hair is feeling suddenly dry, brittle, frizzy, tangly, well you get the picture. Utilizing a different deep conditioning treatment once a week could even make a big difference on the feel and look of your hair.

  2. All hair is created unequal. While we may be the damage experts, you are the only true expert in your own hair problems, hair goals, lifestyle choices, and genetics. We can consult with most people, but there are always a few surprises here and there and you are the only one who can say in which ways our products are fulfilling your needs. We believe one of the most empowering experiences is being able to see what your own goals are and finding that way to reach them. Treatments to thicken hair, hydrate hair, or strengthen hair might include more careful consideration than just a simple regimen.
  3. Great hair care gifts. So, let’s say that you purchase the kit and you are able to find what you are looking for in just one or two of the products, what do you do with the rest of the kit? That’s one of the beauties of this kit! Just gift the rest to a few friends and enjoy seeing their excitement in trying something new that can only help their hair problems!
  4. Most cost-effective way to try our products. When our 15 ml reboots are purchased individually, the cost reaches up to over $170. When you purchase the kit for only $98, you are getting each product for almost half the cost! This is great for you to be able to enjoy trying the products but can also be a great way to get more products for less if you’re looking to give them out as spa gifts to your friends and family. Really, there is no going wrong with purchasing this kit if you’re wanting them for less.
  5. There are multiple ways to use our Reboots. Our reboots aren’t just your average overnight mask hair treatment! We have 9 ways you can use our masks and using one as a leave-in hair mask and another as a scalp treatment, while using one as a way to quickly smooth your hair out when you are leaving for work or a hot date. Our masks take care of what many might use several different brands and products would do. So, why have a shelf completely stuffed with hair care treatments when you can have one sleek, simple box of products that will take care of the same thing?

Take this example for the last reason to try our Hair Despair Kit. Tanya complained to us about her hair feeling frizzy and dry and the ends thinning out. We knew that the best solution might deserve a little bit of tweaking. That’s when we tried two of our products, and again we got immaculate results! We used our SAVE ME FROM Product Overload and SAVE ME FROM Pollution Assault. We tried using Product Overload (she uses a lot of product to try to get the results she wants) as a pre-poo mask. Then, after she shampooed and conditioned her hair, we used Pollution Assault as a leave-in condition, styling foundation, and finisher. Look at the shine and health in her hair in those results!

frizzy hair with split ends

sleek shiny healthy hair

Have you heard the buzz that hair masks are the new face masks? Well, our reboots do so much more than your average hair mask because they can be used as masks as well as reboots and will repair as well as protect your hair from damage. So, boost that dry, flat hair and kick that irritated, flaky scalp to the curb by experimenting with our SAVE ME FROM Hair Despair Kit!