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You're Not Getting Any Younger: Empowering Others

& Helping Those in Real Crisis

Our founder had a heart to heart with Jen Glantz, the founder of the viral business, Bridemaid for Hire, and the voice of the podcast, You’re Not Getting Any Younger, a podcast sharing real stories from people just like you who woke up one morning and decided to hug onto their lives a little tighter, making big changes, starting with small things. 
Give Yourself a Break
We love her podcast description and were honored to be a recent guest on the episode 123, “Empowering Others & Helping Those in Real Crisis.”
Hear April Peck's story about the loss of my sister and listen why I pivoted, how she sold her award-winning skin care brand and why she set out to found a hair care brand dedicated to our mission to #savehairsavelives.
April also shares practical tips on how you can help your friends, family and colleagues in crisis (and how she's an ambivert).
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You're Not Getting Any Younger