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5 Secrets Your Average Hair Mask Doesn't Want You to Know

Before you get started, we want to make sure you’re investing your time and your hard-earned money in the RIGHT hair mask. There are just a few more things you need to know about your typical hair mask. 

1. Hair masks can feel heavy and greasy.

And this heavy, greasy feeling does not always work for all hair types, especially fine hair. Your hair might look amazing immediately after but halfway through the day, it looks like a stringy, greasy mess. Fine hair needs damage repair too!

2. Most hair masks do nothing for the scalp and can only be applied from midshaft to the ends of the hair.

To get around this greasy, stringy mess, most hair mask products recommend that you only apply these hair mask products from midshaft to the ends of the hair. Our question to you is- what about my hair from scalp to midshaft? That has been exposed to plenty of hair damage too!

3. Most hair masks offering results in minutes contain silicones that only coat the hair like a band-aid. 

Have you ever applied a hair mask and after a few minutes your hair feels slimy as you rinse it out? That slimy feeling are silicones hard at work. They immediately work to coat your strands and can make your hair feel great; but beware, this feeling is only temporary. That silicone feeling is doing nothing for your damaged hair and broken hair bonds within. Silicones effects eventually fade, and serious buildup can arise if you use a mix of silicone containing products.

4. Most hair masks are made up of primarily water.

Water is an important part of your mask formula and it will be the first ingredient on your ingredient list (unless you're using an oil mask). Water is needed to help open the cuticles and to create a viable formula but in many cases mask formulas will contain between 85-95% water, leaving 5-15% for silicones, fragrance, thickeners and finally active ingredients. We just don’t agree with this.

5. You can’t leave in a typical hair mask to help style hair OR even as an overnight hair mask.

Hair stylists around the world are screaming, “Nooooooo!” That’s because most hair masks when left in and allowed to dry make the hair sticky and extremely stiff. When the hair strand is sticky, it’s hard to comb through and leads to unnecessary hair breakage. When the hair is stiff, it can easily fracture when you apply any force (think lay your head down on your pillow) and this is exactly why you’re applying the mask in the first place, to help reduce hair breakage.

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Save Me From Tip to Root Hair Reboots are a new category of hair masks that go against the hair mask status quo. In fact, we’ve named our products a Reboot, instead of a hair mask, for just these reasons. Our Reboots were designed to be applied from Tip to Root without weighing down the hair. That’s right, you heard me. We want you to apply our Reboots all the way to your scalp. Since our founder previously founded a successful results-driven skin care company, treating the scalp and the hair was paramount. Talk about skinification of hair care! She included good-for-you, your hair and your skin ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, caffeine, sericin, fibroin, and so many more. Our hair repair formulas were created to be non-greasy and versatile in their use. We suggest using them weekly as an overnight hair mask and as a leave in styling cream after each time you wash your hair. For the best results, multi-mask with a Reboot that treats your exact source of damage. Each formula penetrates the hair strand, allowing the correct balance of micro-sized proteins and creatine to penetrate that strengthen and bond build. Oils and lipids are included to balance hydration alongside “good alcohols” such as cetearyl alcohol. Finally, Fenugen, our patent-pending Tip to Root technology powers every product and is proven to possess 5x the polyphenol content than fenugreek seeds alone. These formulas are potent, being designed to use on wet hair and blended with water to dilute our potent formulas.  

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So, finally, can you repair damaged hair? We believe so. When product formulations are proven to help reduce the split ends of damaged hair up to 97% when treated and have been shown to bring hair back to near virgin hair qualities (and in some cases better), this demonstrates hair repair. BUT, it’s important to remember the hair is dead. The hair needs to be treated with special, continued care. Since its dead, treating hair with ingredients that can penetrate and supplement the hair are extremely important to continue to have your amazing hair days. Great hair days are only an overnight hair mask away with Save Me From.

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