The Best Salon Hair Treatments - In Salon Protocols Using SAVE ME FROM Tip to Root Hair Reboots - SAVE ME FROM

The Best Salon Hair Treatments - In Salon Protocols Using SAVE ME FROM Tip to Root Hair Reboots

Estheticians love SAVE ME FROM because our Reboots are clean beauty and amazing for scalp health. Celebrity hair and makeup artists love SAVE ME FROM because they're so versatile for any look. Hair stylists love SAVE ME FROM because they offer superior hair repair and can be used in the back bar, build bonds in color formulas or at the styling stations in a blow out. Our multifunctional and clinically-proven Tip to Root Hair Reboots offer targeted protection and repair from the ends of the hair to the scalp, inside and out with our damage specific formulations. 

Isn't it time to have your clients invest in healthy hair?

Watch to find out more about why you need damage-specific products.


Here are a few tips on how to incorporate SAVE ME FROM into your salon treatments. Be sure to inquire on how to become a SAVE ME FROM Professional Retailer or Salon + Spa Professional Affiliate

Pre-Treatment Base (before color, bleach, glossing and any chemical treatment)

Evan Lowe from Twigg's Salon, a luxury hair salon in Minnesota describes how he "multi-masks" and customizes his treatments for the ultimate hair treatment. "I would always use Chemical Conflict as a base for my glosses because I would usually be doing a glow during a chemical service. Depending on the hairs need (like if I wanted nourishment) I would mix it with Pollution Assault. If I wanted to detox the hair for impurities, I'd mix in Product Overload. If their hair had a rough texture from styling/working out, I'd mix it with Sun + Sweat. Chemical Conflict is amazing as a base because it gives the hair hair repair, elasticity and memory." Don't forget to recommend Chemical Conflict for strengthening after care and read to the end why you want to consider adding Chemical Conflict to your treatments rather than other popular bond builders.  

A Quick Pre-Bleach How to

Customized Blow Out

Customize your blow outs with our Tip to Root Hair Reboots at the styling stations. Age Acceleration is great for aging hair but also great to add volume and body for fine, flat hair.  Use Thermal Obsession as a heat protectant. Use Pollution Assault to create amazing shine. Although our Tip to Root Hair Reboots can be used in your wash stations as a deep conditioning masking step, we recommend adding a double dose of repair by incorporating a small amount when blow drying and styling the hair. 

Curly Hair or Kinky Hair Blow Out with Thermal Obsession 

Thermal Obsession is made to protect and repair heat styling but also a great product to boost moisture. It's preferred for curly hair, kinky hair, course hair and dry hair. David from Twiggs Salon says, "I've been loving this for blow outs to keep it smooth, and really nice and shiny."

Get BIG, Glamour Hair with Thermal Obsession

Protect and repair against major heat styling. Keep hair looking fresh and healthy. 

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Multi-Mask Your Hair Repair

As Evan from Twiggs Salon described above, SAVE ME FROM is perfect for multimasking and layering. This provides complete personalization for your clients hair damage and ultimately creates the best hair repair results. Watch how master stylist David McCarthy multi-masks his clients hair to remove build up from hard water and creates a ton more volume and body. David combines Sun + Sweat to remove mineral build up from hard water and Age Acceleration for body. "This one is definitely a winner. It gives her a ton more body and this is literally the only styling product, actually only product we used on her hair."

Moisturizing + Defrizzing Hair Repair + Scalp Treatments

Clients love to be pampered, but they also want results. Give them both with a luxurious spa like hair repair treatment that helps to strengthen, moisturize and defrizz hair (even in humidity). David shows us how he helps to repair hair damage and make great use of our micromist steamers. This is a perfect treatment to tame curly, frizzy or unmanageable hair. 

No Fuss 3-Day Hair - From Braids, Waves to Blow Out

With SAVE ME FROM's clean beauty formulations, there are no silicones to potentially weigh down the hair. These formulations are light and DO NOT REPLACE your conditioner. A conditioner or mask is designed to "mask damage" and stay on the surface (read more about it here) but our Reboots are designed to penetrate to replenish and supplement the hair within the cortex. You will not feel that "slimy" silicone feel. Instead, you'll notice less breakage in your shower as you continue to use your Reboot (cue in "home care"). Another great thing about no silicones is that the hair remains cleaner and lighter. SAVE ME FROM formulations will not weigh down the hair and can be used for days after as a leave in - keeping the hair looking fresh. See how you can get 3 days with different looks. 


From Perfect Braids

To Perfect Beach Waves and Blow Out

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Men's Styling 

Men's hair needs a little TLC too. While all SAVE ME FROM products are appropriate for men, (ie active men love Sun + Sweat and men wanting to cover grey love Chemical Conflict to keep strands healthy) there are two products men use most often. Men love Age Acceleration because many men have issues with hair thinning. Since Age Acceleration creates volume and provides a light styling hold, men love this one as a leave in. Men also love it to soften beard hair, since Age Acceleration helps soft rough and wiry textures. Watch our Beard Hair Protocol here. Since men can tend to have more oiliness on their scalp, they also love Product Overload to help balance oil levels and provide a nice detox. When Product Overload is used as a leave in, it also provides nice texture (be careful to not over apply. Just a smidge is all you need). You'll find this is great for a textured braid too (just be sure to blend it in on wet hair and blow dry. It will give the hair a "matte" look). 

Take it to the Wash Stations: Men's Detox Treatment (Great for Women too)

Bonus tip: Watch how David creates an exfoliating scalp scrub by mixing Product Overload when blending the product with sugar. 


 At Home Recommendations

Using SAVE ME FROM in the salon is the best way to help offer hair repair and scalp conditioning for your clients - while setting yourself apart from other salons. These hair repair formulations were formulated with high quality skin care like ingredients designed for the hair. Results will continue to improve overtime. At-Home Care is absolutely vital to your clients hair repair journey. Advise your clients of the appropriate Tip to Root Hair Reboot for at-home use. 

For the best results, recommend that your clients follow our Overnight Hair Mask directions using approximately a walnut size once a week (or at least allow our Reboots to penetrate for 90 minutes or more) in conjunction with using a pea size amount as a leave in treatment cream each time the hair is freshly washed and styled. If your clients attempt to use their Reboot as a conditioner applied for only a few minutes, they will not achieve the best results possible. Get more at home use tips here


How is SAVE ME FROM Different Than Other Hair Repair Products and Bond Builders?

There are several ways SAVE ME FROM’s Tip to Root Hair Reboots outperform our competition. First, we don't consider our products to be a mere hair mask because we do so much more than a typical hair mask. We approach hair repair as a whole from tip to root. We consider this a new category of hair repair called the Hair Reboot category, rebooting hair to a condition near or better than virgin hair. It might seem obvious that hair damage can happen anywhere along the hair shaft and if your scalp isn’t properly nourished, hair suffers. Sadly, most hair care products aren’t formulated this way. They either care for the hair or the scalp, not both. Our Tip to Root Hair Reboots were created to replenish hair with a built-in scalp serum.  Our ingredient lists are extensive and formulated with powerhouse ingredients that correct and protect against hair damage, appropriate for both hair and scalp.  These ingredient decks also make our formulations more multi-functional and appropriate for all hair types. You no longer have to decide between stronger hair, fuller hair or shinier hair. Every product formulation is tested and clinically proven in its full formula to produce multiple results. Other brands may show you clinical studies but take a closer look because these are commonly resulting for individual ingredients. The problem with this is you don’t know if the hair care product has the same percentage of active ingredient, is in the same base or if the actual formula can product the same results. For brands who do test their final formula, these are typically only consumer perception surveys. For example, you might see “90% agree their hair felt thicker”. This type of result does not show you how much thicker the hair is, how much more hydrated the hair is or how much more resistant the hair is to breakage but instead these results only show you how many people in the group thought their hair improved. SAVE ME FROM’s clinical studies are conducted comparing a placebo group and two groups of damaged hair, one group treated with the SAVE ME FROM. We conduct instrument tests with various hair types to substantiate our results. We have proven to reduce split ends up to 97%, improve the hairs resistance to breakage up to 83%, improve hydration up to 201%, thicken hair up to 203%, add shine up to 82%. Like skin care, there are some immediate results but SAVE ME FROM improves supplements the hair with nutrients, improving the hairs condition overtime and feeding the scalp so hair is optimized from the start.


SAVE ME FROM is more expensive because this combination of ingredients have never been seen before. Our price reflects the expensive skin care like ingredients giving you deep restorative results. SAVE ME FROM’s patent pending Fenugen and Bond Reboot technologies are a powerhouse combination of ingredients never before seen in hair care. To fully complete a hair repair treatment for bond building like our competitors, you would need to purchase at least three products in a three-step system to rebuild the bonds in hair. SAVE ME FROM not only does that with one product, but it goes a step further and is formulated with a built-in scalp treatment to balance your microbiome and to optimize healthy hair growth for beautiful hair from the very start! No other product can make these claims and truly is in a category above the rest.

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